Power Devour!

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The 3d-Xelu Award 5 Points

Give up in the 2nd part

Devourful 50 Points

Get a 50 combo

Powerful 50 Points

Get 5000+ points

Level Infinity 100 Points

Reach it (it's level 6)

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

IT'S A Z, NOT A 2!

Now wiff apruvd meddlz an un introh!

Made for the 4th Game Jam where everyone was given a handicap. Our's: Make the player character fill up 75% of the screen.

CONTROLS: A smash the upper highway, Z smash the lower highway, SPACE eat (covers both parts of the highway) skinny people can be eaten, but not smashed, fat people have to be smashed, then eaten, and monster babies can't be eaten/smashed. M to mute/unmute so shut up.

The year is XXX9 and the monsters from dimension 2.26 have returned after trillions of years. They are invading the major cities of the Earth, and consuming all that breathes.
Shit went down. And now it hits the fan as the city's only exit is being blocked by one of the beasts.
The people have 2 choices, 1: Risk everything to get past the monster, 2: Live in a motel room without T.V., phone, or internet for an unforeseen amount of time...

This is our entry for the game jam 4.

Due to commitment issues, we were stuck with 3 people, and 24 hours, but we pulled it off!

This is the result...


some minor bugs

i'm trying to play this game, but when i start it it just skips to the game before i can read anything, the ppl comes, and im waiting for them to go to the '' eat zone'' then the game bugs and says i lost, before they get into the ''eat zone''. but all in all the game looks fun, som i wont give you a bad ass rating

Manly-Chicken responds:

Thanks for being lenient.


when i first saw this, i dont know why, but i laughed my ass off.... it was fun too

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Manly-Chicken responds:



It was good, and i really suck at it. but when I look at the scores it looked like only five people that played it. Still pretty good.

Manly-Chicken responds:


very fun

I can't stop playing

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Manly-Chicken responds:

You have a problem...

Fun game

The game was actually alright kinda fun i thought, the {CONTROLS} seemed like they could be reworked for more a friendly usere case, You had some good music in this wich really got me in the mood for the play style so that was a nice little touch there, as for the levels they were notbad, it does get harder as you go on and thats always a plus in any games, another good thing was the addition of {MEDALS} but i think you should add much more medals it would make it much more fun of a game, all and all it was a fun game, and would love to see more games like this so nice job indeed.

Fun game the controls could be easier or maybe a more user friendly style, also more medals will only make this game better then it already is.

Fun game nice levels


Manly-Chicken responds:

Yeah, stupid time constraints...

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Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

Apr 17, 2011
11:19 PM EDT
Action - Other