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Please don't judge this too harshly. It is unfinished. I found it in my old archives, and I thought I would share it with everyone. With the new Nintendogs out for the 3DS, it would be nice if someone would take this old idea and modernize it.

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Decent flash here

And so as i start on this submission, it has some interesting points, some not so interesting parts aswell, but i guess thats what the reiew feedback is for, for what works and what doesnt work, But it starts off kind of so-so but does get better, I was pleased with a few parts and hope the rest does get better, But i will suggest some feedback later. So as i continue on this review there was some odd things about this but i suppose it was ok, i like the random touch you gave it, The whole old people theme was kinda random, but as i have said that was kind of neat there, The flash movie didnt have much going on so it was a bit "STALE" so maybe there are some things you can do to make it better and improve on the story part of things and such. So there were some things that could have made this better like, "SMOOTHER" animation, and more music then you had as it was too quiet. I do like the idea here and the randomness was cool, And something that could really push this over the edge is by making it more funny with more effort in the humor department, And with all that said i sadly come to a close on this review, or atleast almost, below are some improvment points hope they are used or even considered somewhat, but anyways this was a pretty decent flash entry could have used some more effort, more style and more all around detail, but overall i found this pretty good so hope to see more work soon.

And so here we are at the point of the ups and downs mostly the downs so maybe some of the stuff i have to suggest maybe they will help and improve on this, so it was a decent flash, here are some ideas, advice, and some tips, so try them out and see where it goes. Story needs more depth, have more action and stuff going on, improve on the story. A few more fixes like adding more "MUSIC" and maybe even making the animation abit more smooth and so-on. You could also put more effort in the "HUMOR" as it was also stale bring more jokes out and just add more funny to it.

I did not care for this. I know you say in the comments to not be too harsh, but this just doesn't seem to have anything that good. I'm not scared of old people or anything, but nothing seemed to happen in this. It was just some old person who took pills and then got naked in the shower. Is it supposed to be satricial? I don't see what it had to do with the Nintendo at all.

Was the part where the medicine came out making fun of how video games work? If so, it didn't do a very good job. I also wish that there was more music in this as it was too silent. The animation wasn't all that good either and needed more depth. At least you're not scared of old people being naked.


HILARIOUS. I thought it was great!!

Does have that old early 2000 NG feel....

I was a bit dissapointed by the animation style and graphics but I liked the concept though, taking care of old farts sounds like fun right? Actually what's kind of ironic is that Nintendo is selling themselves out to old people what with the Wii Fit and all ( Not saying it sucks but the way the damn media portrays it sure looks like it)

But that's besides the point I think this looks remake worthy. Better luck next time!

by the way his is not being harsh

the music is crap
it is slow moving
i aplaude your use of the naked granny and the wide range of meds
graphics need tweaking.

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3.08 / 5.00

Apr 17, 2011
4:29 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody