The Greedy Sponge

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Huuungry!! 5 Points

Disconnect 50 or more at once

Super-Sponge 10 Points

Reach Level 10

Mega-Sponge 50 Points

Reach Level 20

Author Comments

OBJECTIVE: Feed Greedy.

1/ Shift rows of 'Thingies' left and right to find the best way to disconnect a large group.
2/ Click on a group of 5 or more creatures of the same color to remove them from the structure.
3/ Focus on the upper rows.

CONTROLS: Mouse only
- Remove Thingies: Click on a group of 5 or more creatures of the same color
- Shift Rows: Click on the left or right side of the structure

Drop me a note if you got stuck. I never thought making a good tutorial for a small puzzler would be such a challenging task. :-)

** NOTE **
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Incredibly hard for a game with little cute characters.

However, there's a small oversight by the developer that allows anyone to play the game with much less risk of game over. All I can say is: Pay attention to everything around the playing area and get creative.

Again, strange

Well, I never really thought that a game with such goofy looking characters could be so difficult. What was the most annoying was how I got past the first levels through sheer luck. I didn't even read the instructions until then! That was when it started to get real hard, as it was too big. I mean, I guess I would recommend this to someone who's good at these kinds of games. I knew I was in for a ride when I saw a game that was labeled "Sliding".

There can't be too many of those types around. What's also cool is that the animation is fairly decent. It's just hard to judge because it's so incomprehensible to me. I have decided to go right in the middle so I really won't go one way or another. At least the gameplay isn't that bad, at least I think so.

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good job.

Cute graphics!

Very addicting!

Hard to figure it out, but once I did it got to be very fun! Good Job!

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ivicaa responds:

haha--- this is what I hear very often about Greedy.
I should change the slogan to "Difficult to understand, and difficult to master" :-)))

Unlike Greedy, I can share the points

This game is wonderful! The music is nice and relaxing, the artwork is cute and colorful and the puzzle-style is almost innovative to me, since I haven't played one like it before.

I agree with some of the others though that it could use some power-ups, but I say, save that for a sequel. Allow yourself some time to make up some interesting power-ups and I garentee that the sequel will be a smash it.

I'm seeing a place trophy for this somewhere. Good luck and keep it up.

ivicaa responds:

Thanks a lot. I didn't check all games available out there, but so far I haven't seen something similar too.

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Credits & Info

3.44 / 5.00

Apr 17, 2011
8:25 AM EDT
Puzzles - Sliding