Hentai Octopus Adventure

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You are down on your luck- A Gumbo chef who is 55 years old, you have not had sex in over 3 years and are lusting for the sex. You happen to have luck. Yout octopus which on you are wishing to cook is talking. He is saying he will grant you one wish. He is desperate because he does not want to cook. You are very horny and are wishing for the sex. He is giving you tasks to do on which you can have sex then. Good luck!!


funny dude

i am also a wishing octopus and will grant you a wish...........
o: like geinieeeeeeeee.

Can't be serious.

Are people really upset because they didn't achieve what they had been bargaining for? I mean come on people, sex sells so believe what they say when "Hentai" is in the title and whatnot, it's a bit funny rather to see so much attraction. I mean come on, this is Underdog of the week, and with those sorts of subjects you can expect the unexpected or be disappointed. In any event, the animation was great, and the voices were done quite well. To the author: You should definitely keep up the good work, the best part was definitely the octopus falling down. What an epic fail.

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I agree with the general opinion (of the few reviews I read). The animation is pretty funny on its own. The porn angle (to me anyhow), detracts from the actual flash. If this hadn't been underdog of the week I probably would have skipped it. Just saying, but I guess whatever gets you the views. The voice acting was good, but the levels seemed off (to me). The music on the title screen (or whatever you want to call it.. .menu.. whatever) is way off. The instructions button brings you to a page without a back button. Giving this a solid 7/10 as a movie. 0/10 as a game. I think it would be best if you resubmit as a movie, because this doesn't suck.

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Underdog of the week , and probably of the month lol.
But god damn , i laughed my ass off big time.
Nice animation , great voice acting , crual joke to play on pervs , 5/5 lol

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I can't believe people are voting his down...

Because of the title.

Seriously what is wrong with you people, why are you assholes coming to newgrounds if you're only wanting to jerk off to porn, wouldn't it be easier to do a google search instead?

Regardless your cartoon was really charming, I liked the simple aesthetic and animation. The concept was funny and cute without crossing the line into the saccharine, and it contained a simple and innocent but effective punch line.

Good clear audio, honestly there isn't too much I have against the piece other than it was kinda short, and the drawings and some of the animation could have been touched up.

Keep up the good work!
- Celx

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2.67 / 5.00

Apr 16, 2011
10:55 PM EDT
Simulation - Dating
  • Underdog of the Week April 19, 2011