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He's Coming Back

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Author Comments

A flash project I've been working on since the middle of March. Everything else I've got to say is within the movie.

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You might want to look up '666' because there I have been told that the number '666' is actually confused with a phrase that is structred. A sentance. I can't remember the sentance. However I do remember hearing about how a converted muslim claimed that 'The mark of the Beast' is on the Talibain's arms. You might want to put some research in some trasnslations.

Really good. I like it. Got me a little freaked out. It is simple, nothing too fancy, and straight fooward. Overall, good.
4.5 out of 5

impressive research. im still not convinced though.

The purpose of this?

I am a religious man and yet i find it that you are trying to shove religion down peoples throats, i have not much else to say except there is no right religion, what makes one religion more correct than the rest that people haven't all seen yet? i find it disrespectful to God to be selling his name like above shown.

burningflame97 responds:

Selling? I put no ads on this flash, nor do I make any profit out of this. I am telling people through this flash that they need to be ready for the rapture. Can you specify how this is disrespectful to God?

And also, people dont seem to understand that when it comes to core principle, Christianity sticks out from the rest of them. Religion's core principle is salvation by good works, or rather, good deeds. Christianity's core principle; everyone has done something to rebel against God. Earning us an eternity in hell. But since God is not willing that any of us should perish in such a fate, wanted to offer His Son up, that whoever believes on Him alone will not be condemned but will be saved from such a horrible fate.

Imagine getting to see a political leader in person. You would have to say that this political leader would not have time to spend with an everyday Joe Q. Public. That is religion.

Jesus, although being King of kings and the Lord of lords, does have time to spend quality, father-child time with even the most lowliest man and woman. In fact, Jesus literally has FOREVER to spend with someone.

Can religion offer that sort of personal relationship with their followers? I say not!


Your submission goes against the teachings of the great Gastropod Overlord! Repent, before you find your soul trapped in the stickiest place in the universe!

But seriously, I don't mind people who hold deeply religious views, but this submission was pretty much pointless. If you had done some sort of animation calling me and my ilk dirty sinners while pouting obviously false and misrepresented evidence in your favor, that would have at least been entertaining.

The end-times is wished for and prophecised by almost every religion, especially those with theistic gods at the head, but time and time again, dates said to be the day of judgement or the second coming have been wrong.

December 21st, 2012 will not mark the return of any god and/or prophet. What would Jesus of Nazareth think of all this doom and gloom? Doesn't he love all of us? Don't you, as a good Christian, love us and wish us well?

I don't expect this comment to be taken as anything other than blasphemy by any but the most well-off Christians. If you are sincere about your belief in a loving god, please show me that love without shoving death and Hell into my face. Only then, will I see the power of your faith.

Can you show me the power of God firsthand?

May you all sleep well tonight,

burningflame97 responds:

I'm not setting dates for the return of Jesus Christ, in accordance with Matthew 24:36, Matt.24:42, Matt.22:13. But we can know when it is drawing close, as it is said within Matt.24:32-34.

And yes, I do wish everyone well, and I do not wish death and Hell upon anybody, But if they do not heed the warnings of believers about Hell and how to escape it, then they have no one to blame but themselves. If a man told me not to play with a rattlesnake because I could get bit and possibly die, would I say that he's just trying to scare me into not playing with it? No, I would say that he's warning me of the consequences because he's concerned about my well-being.

In the same way, we are trying to warn people about Hell and give them info on the only way to escape it(through Jesus Christ), because we are concerned for the well-being of their eternal souls.

You can see the power of God, through the rapture, in due time, whether you are a believer or not: Believers will be raptured, and non-believers will witness it by being left behind.

All in all, may you one day accept the love and mercy of the Lord.


What exactly is your message though, apart from yourself being well versed in your scripture of choice/upbringing and spending a good deal of time to earnestly rationalise your faith and perceived infallibility of it?

The habit of employing the bible to interpret current day affairs is a near timeless practice and apart from internal controversies within the institution of the church itself, which at several points in history prompted it's rewriting and editing out politically or philosophically unfavourable parts, is not likely to ever lose it's appeal even for it's own sake.

i.e the end times were once claimed to be the habsburg-ottoman wars, centuries later it was world war 1 and so forth and so on...

burningflame97 responds:

My overall message is this: we need to repent and be ready for the rapture.

Matt. 24:40-41
Luke 21:34-36
1 Thessalonians 4:16-17

Credits & Info

3.58 / 5.00

Apr 16, 2011
12:22 AM EDT