Kirby vs Zero

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This is a test to practice special effects and overall animation. From this I have learned many new thing i can use in the future. This took me about a week to two weeks to make. Please tell me ways to improve my animation quality and skills. All help is appreciated.

Please use constructive criticism!



I loved how Zero died at the end, it was like the old fashoined megaman X kill. I liked the pace and it was animated pretty well, keep up the good work.

TankofDestruction responds:

thanks, yeah i wanted to put some nostalgia into the battle, like the kirby sfx

pretty badass :D

all you probably need is a storyline and your all set :D

TankofDestruction responds:

cool. will do. thanks for the 10!

it was pretty good

Only thing I can see to improve on is that Zero's moves were so fast that I couldn't keep track of them. I think Zero probably should have won. He's made out of stuff that isn't even invented yet. But.. it's your flash, not mine. A really good fight. As short as it was. Good effects. You seem to have basic battle fights down. Can't wait to see more.

TankofDestruction responds:

thanks. yeah i thought about it and i guess i chose kirby for the heck of it. i knew some ppl might get angry over zero but i couldnt choose a "tie" cause that'd be boring

Decent animation.

You have good animation, I can give you that. Smooth battle frames, good exchange of blows, yet it felt short. A lot of Megaman/Zero fanboys will be upset that he died so easily.

As for the sounds, the generic man "OOH!" didn't really suit Zero or Kirby well. Next time, use an actual Kirby sound and find a voice that suits Zero better.

TankofDestruction responds:

appreciate the advice thanks

not bad,

but it has it flaws.

i really like the animations and battle arrangement.nothing bad there.
only,wouldn't it need a story?
feels kinda weird having a battle beggining in our face without ne beggining or music.
SOUND IS WAY TOO LOUD!put it down.i think that's enuf said.

TankofDestruction responds:

yeah i only did this animation to do test out some special effects and skills for preferably for battles so i just went straight to battles to start practicing, if u understand, please wink three times, grin real big, then say fluffy bunny! to any friends or family. ps thanks for the advice

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Apr 13, 2011
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