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Kirby vs Zero

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This is a test to practice special effects and overall animation. From this I have learned many new thing i can use in the future. This took me about a week to two weeks to make. Please tell me ways to improve my animation quality and skills. All help is appreciated.

Please use constructive criticism!

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That was quite good! I liked it :P

Not bad.

Average, it is slightly monotonous compared to other sprite based flashes, but still not bad at all. Like the guy who posted below me, it could use some work. I hope you do better next time around.


This is good considering u only worked on it for 2 weeks. Heres some things i think would overall improve the video:
1. Needs to be zoomed out some. I think a 3x zoom out would make the graphics look more like they originaly were instead of being pixelized.
2. Some of the movements are kinda slow. Speed the slow ones up & it would be about 30% better in my opinion.
3. Keep working on this flash.

As this flash continues with updates I'll continue posting what i believe would help improve it.

TankofDestruction responds:

yeah ill zoom out in my later movies unless they arent sprites, the speed of the movie is probably just graphic intensity, it's been a trouble for me for a while... and thanks for the tips!


Yeah, uhh, close-ups never look good in a Flash filled with sprites. Try being more versatile with wide shots, maybe.

TankofDestruction responds:

ok i will try to make it look cleaner

This is good

Zero is strong but Kirby has more abilities than Kirby so thats why he won!

TankofDestruction responds:

glad u enjoyed!