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Author Comments

Run, jump and solve puzzles....in a dream!

Controls: ARROW KEYS to move and jump, X for everything else.

Game made by Cactus. (http://cactusquid.com)
Music by Zabutom. (http://myspace.com/zabut om)
Splash by Cow.
Ported to flash by Mirosurabu. (http://twitter.com/miros urabu)


chalenging but fun

it was great

I was expecting something worth my time

Weird controls, no plot, no substance, no fun. Doesn't even hold up under the "games as art" filter. I could go on, but I would just end up saying what IronLightning already said.

I dont get the ending, even if its a dream

I hope theres a sequel in the making


Some what interesting puzzles but it's really just trial and error.

Using a dream as a scenario makes sense since, everything in this game "plot" made no sense. Wtf at the Castle, man.

Pretentious Shit

I'm sorry to say this but this was just terrible. One definition of insanity is: "performing the same action and expecting different outcomes." I can't think of a better definition for the second "puzzle." I put the word puzlle in quotation marks because your "puzzles" are not actually puzzles. A proper puzzle needs an element of logic to it. Your "puzzles" are only solvable through trial and error. Three of your "puzzles" are solved by intentionally killing yourself which magically gives you control of the other character on screen. That's just being sophomoric, you can do better than that.

Is this based on an actual dream? I ask because the narrative structure is fucked. Characters just pop in and out of oblivion, barely saying or doing anything. It's all just a series of pointless events leading up to a predicatable and uninteresting reveal at the end.

Why on earth did you force the player to listen to the text boxes each time he/she dies? That's just bad design, man, if you couldn't remove the text box prompts from the characters upon death than you could've at least given us a button to skip the dialog entirely.

Also, I hate the bee's control scheme. Flying was a real pain in the ass as he fell so fast.

I could forgive all of the above if your objective was to take the piss out of the pretentious pseudo-artsy 2D platformers that have been popping up like weeds in a well-manured field. This is patently not the case. What we have here is played very seriously.

2/10 for being technically competent and free of bugs (as far as I know.)

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Credits & Info

3.63 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2011
3:33 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle