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Author Comments

Run, jump and solve puzzles....in a dream!

Controls: ARROW KEYS to move and jump, X for everything else.

Game made by Cactus. (http://cactusquid.com)
Music by Zabutom. (http://myspace.com/zabut om)
Splash by Cow.
Ported to flash by Mirosurabu. (http://twitter.com/miros urabu)


It is a DREAM!

For Christ's sake what do you expect from a dream? Dreams are sometimes fragmented or should I say random. Some dreams doesn't make sense. >.> Geez... The game is so short maybe there will be a sequel. :D

liked the idea, regret seeing the rest

i dont particularly like bashing on someones work but you spent a lot of time getting these pixels running into a very weak game, ok so it totally had the senselessness of a dream and pixels are always something to see, but when you make infinte lives seem like a punishment in itself it means there's a flaw somewhere, trial and error was fun when we didnt know there was anything else out there, here we got reminded again why we moved past it, the puzzles are already perfectly described in other reviews but the small platfroming sections were so short yet took an amazing amount of time anyway, will say about choice music, the small (if infinitely repeated) text, and color scheme in good taste.
bottom line you perfectly captured a dream sequence but just like a real dream we wake up quick and forget it by lunchtime

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Poor controls. I suspect to replace challenge derived from actual puzzles.

Decision trees presented for frustrating processes of exhaustion, if they were that at all. I would argue a cunning use of lateral problem solving, except, the game design employed used arbitrary control modifications to achieve that lateralization.

I suspect, from the rave reviews from others, based on the developer, that if one had played other games by the developer, they would have a better grip on these mechanics. I would argue that it is bad game design when a game's mechanics work under the assumption of that prior experience.

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Dont undestand

I dont quite understand the logic of the history, I think that the plot was designed by a kid, was it designed to seem like that? SPOLERS SPOILERS. A guy that dies and the takes the form of another, then a bee flies, a bee alergic gun man kill him, he then become the gunman and is killed by a magician that no one explains what is doing or where did he come from, and the magician is a door and two windows.

I mean... it doesnt make any sense to me.

Too quick,

That was the quickest, most pointless puzzle game I have ever played, the only hard part was the being the bee who exploded if you even looked at the spikes wrong, and I agree with earlier statements he falls way too fast. With more improvements this game could be a lot better, and possibly more fun. Though, good luck in future work.

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Credits & Info

3.63 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2011
3:33 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle