42 Boxes ACT 1

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Edit: Gonna personally give myself the Poop Award. Scored the lowest out of all my works scoring only a 3.36 with 2 average scored reviews and 261 votes | 611 views on the premiere scoring lower than Mutteo in NES Land ep1. Not exactly a grand return, even if I think this is my best work. Though I wont give myself the pity party, this is a personal reference.

Runtime: 12 minutes

I know it's just a sprite movie, so if you only plan to skim this movie, Try SCENE 5. It's my personal highlight, but please watch it all if you can.

It's been 2 years of complications, but I finally finished part 1 of my 42 Boxes Project. This is my biggest work yet, and of course I made several improvements to my style. I have a much more stable "camera" which will give the show a better feel, and I have scrolling text bars. It's very neat and tidy and I am able to do things my old "camera" couldn't and it involves much less actionscript. I'm not sure if there is a lag in it this time, I hope not, at least it's probably better than it used to be.

So what is 42 Boxes, and why call a Final Fantasy that name? This story was first created in my college years back in 06. Since then, I made a lot of script and character edits. My newest edits involve adding the monk character and changing the archer MaryEllen, to Ron, and Jeanette the white mage is now Olivia. All these little changes make the show better I think.

Now a couple people might wonder about when Act 2 might be. I honestly don't know. It can be anywhere from 3-6 months, but I will be working on it and try to upload that as soon as I can. Thanks for watching.


42 boxes of tampons?

I have a sneaking suspiscion that those tampons are gonna be VERY helpful in the other acts. Good flash sir, 5/5 10/10

Mutteo responds:

Oh yes there are future mentions of the tampons, you'll see. Though in terms of usefulness, you'll just have to check and see for yourself ;3


Wow, these are some of the most colorful and vibrant voices I have ever heard in a flash cartoon! It was just amazing with how fun everybody sounded. At first I thought you had taken audio from something else, because it seemed too cool to be your own! It's amazing how much depth these characters have in appearances despite only being pixels. Every character has an extremely wacky personality. The coolest thing is that they are all different degrees of wackiness!

I could just go on all day about how cool these characters are. It's sweet how they're involved in such a mundane activity like getting the groceries. It's the kind of thing that could happen in real life only without the magic. Everyone was just jumping all around and acting silly in this. I do hope this becomes a full fledged series, and I would love to be an actor!

Mutteo responds:

Thanks. The people working on the project with me really did have a good time working on this stuff. Durinh the hiatus, I did have time to vamp up my skills so visually the work has improved and I have learned a bit more with the work and it will continue to shine as I work on more stuff.

Yes each of these characters have an interesting personality that stand out on their own. Some of them are people I knew in college and I wanted to characterize them in pixel format. Though the drama with voice actors was hard, it is nice to see everything come together. This could potentially be a series, but I am not sure at this point, though act 2 is in the works.

Currently I do not need any voice work done but I'll keep it in mind in the future. Thx for your interest in my work <3

12 minutes just for ACT I out of how many...?

I feel weird for reviewing this 'cause of my involvement in this, but why not.

First off, I love how everything looks and this is definitely above and beyond your typical sprite movie, as far as animation goes with the mouth and limb movements. It's your kind of thing~ I recall the script for this being ENORMOUS and I worried about this being a drag to listen to. In certain spots, it was, but in others, you definitely got a great cast to make this move by faster than expected~

For something with lines and recordings from maybe years ago (I know some members of the cast have been improving over the years, causing a difference in presented skill), the performances as a whole weren't as bad as I was expecting! My only issue is really with the sound quality. Try getting the volumes of the voice actors to be on the same level or at least louder than the background music, for some of the VA's.

With the entire script written out and recorded for already, it's kinda hard to incorporate the writing feedback for future acts, but if you're still planning on a series, try condensing the best material into shorter episodes instead of trying to cram everything in. That way, the series will be easier to release and follow, instead of giving up after a 1 hour pilot.

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Mutteo responds:

Yes, i have had a lot of problems with the audio quality. Even when I tried to amplify the sound, some spots were buried in the music. Eventually I'll figure something out.

People have mentioned to me about the script dragging at times, I tend to have te habit of making things longer than they should be.

On questimate, I believe there is another 16 minutes left of 42 Boxes to make. It's hard for me to make tiny episodes, but I know my biggest concern is the fram limit. Most likely I might have to move some scenes to the credits, and also possibly cutting something, mostly the anchorman, since i figure that was my original problem with the flash.

I'll have to work something out.


Though the writing seemed to drag on in some parts, most of it was carried through with entertaining acting. Especially that first part with the bard. That made me chuckle.

Very Enjoyable.

This is an enjoyable show to watch.
A little immature at times, but it's actually written very nicely.

The acting is much better than I expected, and was the main highlight of the show.

Great job guys!

Happy composing!

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3.68 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2011
3:10 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody