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Have you seen the season two finale of Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'? The one done in the style of an adventure game? Upon watching said episode, did you think to yourself, "gee -- I liked that, but I wish it could have required more clicking on my part?"

If so, then you're in luck; myself (writing), Jonathan Reynolds (programming), and Ian Wexler (art) just completed a playable HAWP adventure game.

It pretty much just retells the story of the season two finale, except with one additional (and really poorly designed [my bad]) puzzle where you've gotta grab a magnet that looks like the sun, then push it for some reason, and a bunch of "funny" dialog when you try different verbs on different objects in the environment. Basically, if you're looking for brain-twisting puzzles rather than some cheap laughs, you're not gonna enjoy this.

- Use Anthony's computer to get a Firefly DVD. Use the Firefly DVD on Nathan Drake.
- Grab the sun magnet from the fridge. "Push" it. Grab the decoration from the wall, then use the string with the gear magnet. You will now be able to talk to Marcus.
-Get Marcus to close his eyes by mentioning Anthony's name, then use his pile o' guns. Then ask him about Dom.
-That's pretty much it.



A Glen or Glenda reference. Where would you ever hear that? It's moments like this that make me remember why I love HAWP so much. Catching all the little jokes and stuff was a fun game in itself.
Maybe some day, a more complete HAWP game could be made with all of these awesome characters. I for one would be more than willing to fork over my cash for that shit.

this place is so updated it's so awesome! the game is epic!

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I loved the nonsense. This game was way too short for how well done and amusing it was. Most of my fun and entertainment came from using the Open/Close and Push/Pull options on the other characters.

I truly wish there were more games like this.


Great little game, short but punchy. I reckon your writing style really suits S.C.U.M.M. style games. I really hope you make another that's longer with more of that awesome dialogue. Also, Dad rocks. :D

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True to the humour of the series and the style of classic point-and-clicks. A masterpiece.

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Apr 12, 2011
11:49 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click