The Many Kirbys Collab

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Edit: Thanks again Tom for front page! I guess it's a success after all. :)

*Note* Before you review with "you spelled the title wrong, it's "Kirbies", not Kirbys", Kirby is a proper noun therefore it is spelled Kirbys. Thank you.

Sorry about the huge file size. Not much I could do about it.

There are two easter eggs hidden in the bios. They're pretty easy to find. :)

The Following Animators Contributed to the Collab:


one at a time

Whenever i watch a collab i know there will be a mix of qualities. This makes them hard to review as a whole so i will break it up and deal with them one at a time.

UFO- I had trouble understanding this one, Kirby is a UFO? No explanation why all this was happening, art looked like it took 2 mins in MS paint. 3/10

Cutter- Kirby was obvioussly feeling like a retard this morning as he is wearing a retard hat and his retard face. Would have been much funnier if he had choked on the banana. Graphics were not bad. 3/10

Cook- This one was good. The salesman was kirby how this is a refrence to kirby culture im not sure, however it did make me smile. 7/10

Paint- Ahh good old sprite animation, the humour was nice. 8/10

Drill- Yet another snuff animation. Art was nice, except for the actual kill, cutting a wedge out of him looked weird. 6/10

Ice- Ok kirby eats stuff and gain powers from it, like he allways has. Nothing original in terms of story. Nice animation 7/10

Sword- Poor art and the ending felt a little disjointed. 5/10

Animal- Nice art but i still dont understand what was going on, whats with the line at the end? Sorry i just dont get it 5/10

Fire- Cute story, decent art. Not a lot else to say really. 7/10

Freeze- This is the worst of the lot. Art was crap. Hate, swearing and abuse is not a substitute for humour. 1/10

Spaghetti- The best of the lot. Nice sprite work, great story. This is the only one of this lot that actually made me laugh. 9/10

Ninja- Great animation. It had no story but i guess you did not intend it to have one. Nice tempo and action shots. 8/10

So if i average these scores i get 5.75. So i will give this a 6

FlashfireEX responds:

Thanks for taking the time to review these but I don't get where you're coming from with my freeze kirby part. I don't get where you got hate from, it's about the fact that Kirby eats enemies and in the skit tried to be friendly with them. I'm happy you liked my paint skit though and I'm glad someone finally praised the spaghetti skit.

Great Kirby Collab! :D

I haven't really seen a Kirby Collab and i must say, i love this one. x3 It has some great animations and i LOVE the voice acting. You are excellent at voice acting Richard, keep it up! I love the paint one, that's a good one. :) Would love to see another kirby collab from you guys.


Omg that was the best collab I've seen in my whole life so far keep up the good work also make a 2nd one please thanks and good night

FlashfireEX responds:

No. No more sequels.

I actually didn't think this was good

There are so few redeeming quality's in this collab, the second I feel that the art and animation actually looks passable for mediocre, it's swamped down with dated references and tired awkward jokes with stupid facial expressions. The writing and voice acting were abominable, some of them so bad (Psychofig's segment) the only words I could use to describe it would have this review flagged as abusive. The last skit had me thinking you might have saved something decent for last, but that feeling was short lived as it progressed into the cringingly tasteless poison you made sure to make present in every skit

I suppose this is probably seen as a success to the autistic underbelly of the flash community, so I should congratulate you on at least mustering up to courage to message Tom, begging him to front page this out of pity and guilt for the shameful amount of time it took to make this piece of shit.

On the bright side, looking past your dated sense of humor and the embarrassing amount of time it took for you to put this collab together, I do see allot of effort put forth into both the animation and compilation (I mean hey, at least the flash plays and the skits are somewhat coherent), as well as potential seen in several of artists that participated in this, more surprisingly flashfire, given his age I wouldn't expect someone to be at that level of smug ignorance.

FlashfireEX responds:

The point where you said autism is where you pretty much blew your cover on the "constructive criticism" and blatantly told me that you're trying to be a massive dick. I'm sure you already know that I did in no way ask Tom to front page this. The next time you're making hate reviews, make it less obvious and you might achieve that sick amount of satisfaction you get from bringing people down.

Saved The best for last

Was a pretty good collab all round the last one was the best i say.

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4.08 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2011
8:52 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody