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Shop Control 0.7

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Author Comments

ToPlay: Upgrade your shops, try to get as much money as you can. For help click the HELP button.

I have updated a couple things:

- Whole new money system (Random Payments a day)
- Upgrades per shop (Click on the shop)
- Expenses Per Day
- Help Menu (Basic atm)

Post what you think about it so far, I'm still going to be fixing the artwork soon. POST MORE IDEAS!

==== Post ideas/Thoughts/Support/Et c ====

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1. Can now upgrade shop's
2. etc
1. No parking lots
2. etc, etc, etc.

We're getting there!

I notice a lot of good things about this update. We can now upgrade shops, there are more cars which makes the new-day animation more visually appealing, and I know about how much I stand to make from any new store purchase or upgrade. There are some minor fluctuations in profits and costs. Parking lots are conspicuously missing. A lot of what's in this post is going to echo lisamariefan, but they're dead on:

No win/loss condition. Yes, it can be a game if you can't win or lose, but it takes a level of art in design that we completely do not have here. Once you have all the shop upgrades, or hit a certain sum of money, or offer an IPO (based on quantity and consistency of earnings, resulting in investor anticipation), or sell the whole chain to someone else for a gigantic sum. At the very least, something's got to happen where the game says, "YOU WIN!" or at least "A winner is you!" --and there need to be clear expectations about what causes that to happen.

Going a little further, you have to be able to make meaningful decisions that contribute to your win or loss. Whether or not to upgrade a shop is a no-brainer. This is what we call treadmill. You're just killing more time by offering upgrades. But if the extra revenue saves you from bankruptcy, it doesn't feel so much like wasted time. There has to be a sense of balance: Will I make more money selling a lot of goods at low prices? Or will I sell a few luxury items at a very high price? It depends on the -strategy- I use to win. Without any strategy, who cares if I won? Anyone could have done it, and they would have had to do it the same way. When I have enough options that are -tough decisions- which could make or break me, and I find an unusual or unexpected way to win, that gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Going along with that, I think it should be up to the player to diversify if they want to. If their strategy is to open eight restaraunts instead of a restaraunt, a coffee shop, a music store, etc. in order, they should be able to. Likewise, we should be able to level a lot and put a new kind of store there -- for a price. Perhaps there could already be poorly-run stores on each lot, and you have to decide if their earnings potential could be saved by running them better or if you just need to start fresh.

At the other end, paying your employees more and giving them more training makes customers and employees happier, but quickly starts eating into your profit margins, being the biggest controllable cost in any business. It should be all about tradeoffs, all over the place.

Finally, I agree with other posters, I could definitely do with some weather updates, or holidays, or news articles on the hot kitchen utensil Emeril Legassi is using, or whatever affects business. And an earnings statement every 30 days or so, showing how much money you made in the month and where your costs are coming from.

Whew, kind of a wall of text. Anyhow, props for the changes so far, I'm looking forward to seeing the next ver.

Sorry but....

This game is very repetative with the same cost for every upgrade, and after you but two more shops it just gets easier with higher income, and there really is no challenge to the game. If you add some objectives and make things more difficult and in depth this could be a nice simple tycoon game.

Definitely a better game...

...but still a long ways off I like the varied $/day, the expences, and the improvements to shops
What I don't like...
1. No win/lose situation
2. No change in scenary or pop-ups saying things that could happen, just click "Start new day" Seems to me to be like a vicious circle as it is (Make $, upgrade, make more $, upgrade, make more money, no more upgrades = boring in 10 minutes)
3. etc
I've seen games that you play for 5 minutes and forget, and some that take hours to play and people keep coming back. I can see this game being the latter, but it'll take the creator alot of coffee and time to make it there Good luck if you decide to strive ahead


The game never ends! I can't win or lose! I have all upgrades and that's what it says to do. Also how would you even lose anyways? The money always goes up!
Good try but so BOOOOOOORING.

Credits & Info

2.63 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2011
7:09 PM EDT