Monster Castle Defense

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Protect your queen from the evil human army that wants to destroy her. Summon monsters, upgrade , evolve and create a powerfull army.

Use mouse to play.
Select monters to:
Ugrade attack: Sword button
Evolve: Arrow button
Sell: Money button
(first select a monster)
t:rise attack

(this hotkey instrutions are at the end of the tutorial that appear everytime you enter a level).


Very Enjoyable.

Concept: Cool, and original, playing as bad guys, nice characters. 9/10
Gameplay: Fun! I like that you can upgrade towers, they have multiple uses, relaxing 10/10
Story: Not really much of one but it doesn't really call for one, so 5/10
Art: WONDAFUL!!! I love how it's pixely, but still very cool, and it gets better as they upgrade 10/10
Animation: The way you animated the pixelated characters was amazing, being a pixel artist myself who sucks at animating, it blew me away. 10/10

OVERALL: 44/50 X 2= 88/100

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cool game

but it could be better - if you could adjust the speed, or change the music, or if you could unlock other aspects of the game (monsters, levels, etc) or if it had a more developed plot.

that said, i enjoyed playing it. Its a great little game,.

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Make this an iPhone app

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its pretty boring...and so boring i cant keep enough focus to win.....could be better...sorry...

Good game

It's very entertaining, figuring out which strategy would work makes me think a lot.
Yes I use those slimes and also the plants, and yes I got that lag too, but it wasn't so bad, I would recomend though to right click the screen and select "Quality" and then click "Low", it'll look awful, but it may decrease the lag effect.
The tactic I mostly use its the following, 1st floor, only skeletons, they work as cannon fooder against the kamikaze; 2nd floor, leave the first spot free for a "panic skeleton' in case one kamikaze makes it to the second floor, then have 2 slimes, 1 dragon and 2 plants (they don't have to be recruited in that order); and 3rd and 4th floor only slimes and plants of course slimes in front of plants otherwise the tactic would just go poop.
I've tried only castle 1 on every difficulty available, I'm going to take my time doing the other just like hiace5 said.

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3.96 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2011
12:12 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense