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Anti Bulling Game

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Author Comments

Its just a dumb thing I made for homework, I don't even like It but it's a good memory from when I was younger.

EDIT: Everyone's being a critic, I made this when i was seven! Seriously your insulting a seven year old's work! Isn't that good for a seven year old? Name someone who is seven and can do this!

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It's so lovely :)

Wow, I can't imagine that a seven years old child could use flash player.
I myself learn it around 15 and I am still suck at it.

But you couldn't blame anyone for criticizing you, since you just said you made it when you were younder, while none(or nearly none) know about you did it when you are seven.

I am quite happy seeing this kind of post, cause these are the things that made Newgrounds famous.

I couldn't say myself as a great fan of Newgrounds, but I've been staying here for more than 10 years and still havin' fun with it. Seeing it's changes, from some random flash short pieces and games, into now this whole big website where tonnes of people world wide visiting everyday. I somehow will mostly appreciate things that built the whole 'empire', especially these tiny bits, where they seemed to be 'useless'(although they're not)

Seems that I'm bringing up too much on newgrounds, now let's get back to the flash.

The idea of 'telling you the answer right after your guess' instead of saying 'you are wrong, please choose again' is incredibly good for a seven year old to thought of.

The answers are too 'right', but I know, it's a homework that needed to be handed in, so I won't say much about this.

There's a small 'bug' for your flash.
After I press the 'Finish' button on the 4th question page, there seemed to have a frame something like "Thanks for playing!" with the 'Play again?' button.
This page didn't stop, and since the 'loop' function is turned on, this page appeared for only 1 frame and directly head back to the title screen.
(This will cost my rating towards your flash minus 1)(using those 10/10 rating points)(now 9/10)

Second thing is that, I see that you made several frames for the first questions before it stops, you made the lumps of words appeared one by one, which is a good thought of imitating the action scripts in powerpoint presentation. But it is kind of weird for you not to continue this effect for the other 3 questions, which the consistency lost which if I am the teacher, I'll think that you are lazy, and hence I will again have the rating minus one point.(now 8/10)

Thirdly, ask I said, Newgrounds has now turned into a very famous flash/computer art website, whilst you are submitting your flash(which is not very well done according to the current standards). One more point will be deducted due to you ignorance of not knowing Newgrounds when you first finish your flash homework. I know this is harsh, but I kinda like Newgrounds :P.

So this is the reason why am I giving you a rating of 7 out of 10.

P.S. I like this 'new' review system of Newgrounds, although it's been here for quite a while
P.S.2 You know what, I typed all these all bcoz of your 'EDIT:', I think you are being bullied lol.
P.S.3 can play blueray disks, and works very well on HD1080 TV, worth buying it.

BarrelOfLaughs responds:

Thank's dude! When i get flash again people will finally realize my full talent instead of a seven year old's.


You have never been bullied.

Wow was I wrong.

I don't know whether it's the dissapointing lack of fights at my school or my subconcious sadism but I'd rather watch someone get beaten to cloud 9 and back that go find a responsible adult. Actually a good freind of mine beat up a kid 2 years older than him when he was about 12 or something. He broke his nose and chased him down the street with a wake of vapless followers spread behind him like the exaust fumes of an overactive fighter pilot.

He also one punched a kind in the nose in yr 7 and sent him to hospital. But the kid was a dick anyway so it's like karma really.

Bullying is bad, but fighting for you honour is not. (That's honor to you incorrect spellers out there.) Make sure you can tell the difference, never grass on a kid who's beating up another kid who offended his terminally ill mom, because that just makes you a complete twat.

The moral is fighting is bad if it doesn't have a good reason, like honour.

Glad your doing your homework

I'll give yea 2 stars one for effort other one for doing your classwork. But this isn't anything funny and most of the questions are quite common sense. Not really NG material

And while all that stuff is great on paper....

If you do these things telling adults and such you'll find that most adults really don't care unless they are you mom or dad it'll just in the long run set you up for worst to come when the adults get tired of hearing you complain my advice is to toughen up. Oh and there are more then three types there are lots of types emotional mental sexual cyber physical ect ect ect.

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2.39 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2011
5:11 AM EDT