Pirate Conflict

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Rookie 5 Points

Destroy first enemy ship

You got a new toy 5 Points

Buy a new ship

3 Stars 10 Points

Got 3 Perfect Bonus

Minesweeper 25 Points

Hit Enemies With 5 Mines In a Level

Fancy Pirate 50 Points

Own The Vile Murderer

Author Comments

In this turn based strategy/RPG you have to build your pirate fleet and crew in an attempt to become king of all seas. Buy ships and crew and roam the seas for some booty. Arhh!

- Use the mouse cursor to drag and drop the control points.
- Line up the cannons towards a hostile ship to fire it, or just drive into another boat to enter it (by rpg combat) in an attempt to take it down.
- Space key to end turn
- Set manual/autozoom at option menu
- 1,2,3 keys to move the screen and focus on your ships

- Added medal on this game, please fell free to give any comment or critics. thank you :)
-fix some text missing and bug
- enable cheat code,
visit this url http://www.smallfarmstudi o.com/post/index.php?adr=more&idx=1&id=9 to get the cheat code
[if couldn't found the url remove space character and you'll get valid url]
Visit Our website: http://www.SmallfarmStudio.com
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/smallfarmstudio
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/smallfarm09
thank you


well made

like the turn based theme, could of done with 1 or 2 extras though but still a very well made game and awesome ship designs great work keep it up

All medals, thanks!

The intro is totally a rip off of The Lord of the Rings. I liked the game though, getting the medals wasn't tedious, it was fun. That's hard to find. Thanks!

A pirate's life for me!

This was fairly fun to play because it was interesting to see the nice designs these ships had. The thing I did not like was that it was pretty hard to follow. It seemed like you just did the same things over and over and you had to make sure you got the upgrades. I still have to give you credit for having an easy medal and a unique sort of gameplay. It's probably the first game I've ever played where you could skip the action scenes! I was thinking it would turn into an RPG but it did not.

Granted, I am not a big fan of RPG's, but it would have been interesting. The drawings and graphics are nicely done and I like how there are so many elements in the gameplay. You can see visions of the ship coming forward and some white balls that float around the other ship. It's hard to understand, but I do not really care. I learned that you do not have to stop on the ship to attack it.

few suggestions

my biggest problem with this game is the in game utility section that's up in the right corner of the screen. it's really annoying because it's just on top of what's going on so when there's a ship that's just off screen to the right, i can't always see it and that's really not good for things like planning.
what i would suggest is actually taking all the stuff on that section and making an actual frame for it somewhere, like a bar along the bottom edge. that way, you can see where all the ships are generally located without having to remember to mess the camera around every turn.

another thing that's really annoying is the ship info screens that come up anytime you roll the mouse over them in play. like if im trying to line up a shot and im near alot of other ships, accidently rolling over a different ship can really screw up trying to focus on the nearly invisible white dots.
what i would suggest is that you make it so that it will show the ship info screen if you click on it. they're useful pages, just really angering when you dont want them but they're still there.

also, it would be really nice if the options to turn the music and sfx off were accessible from more than just the in play screen. like maybe having an options button somewhere on the map would be nice.

but one last thing is the mouse graphics. they're nice and all but after a while, they kind of get a little annoying. it would be great if there was an option to turn the mouse graphics on and off.

other than that, this is a really cool game and it kind of reminds me of another piratey game that i used to play but they changed and it sucks now. this game is like the good version. it's a fun game and i hope there's more on the way!

Not bad... but needs a few fixes.

I enjoyed the game a lot. It was simple, the music and voice acting were nice, and the art good. But all that made the game average, with nothing really standing out and making you go "Wow!". It was challenging in spots, but not frustratingly so.

There were a lot of control issues, and game designs problems, that could have been better improved upon:

- The Play button: I deducted a point from this because it really bothers me when you accidentally hit this button and it automatically erases your progress in the game. You need to rework this by having a feature hat warns the player that it is about to erase their save to begin a new game. This is a must do feature. I accidentally hit it twice, and had to start from scratch 3 times because of it.

-Autozoom: The Autozoom feature is pure crap. I always have to turn it off. I don't like fighting with it, and that's all I ever do with it. It would also be great if you could save this option, instead of always having to turn it off whenever you load up the game.

- Starting level faster: I don't like to wait for the level information to unfold, the sooner to battle the better, imo.

- Better instruction: This should be self explanatory. On the forum boards some people are not sure how to activate the captains specials. And level 8 needs better instruction than just "destroy this ship". Whenever the mission changes from destroying all ships, like in level 8, you need to tell the player that he needs to reach a certain destination, like that island. It took me a few tries to finally figure it out. It was annoying. Always make the objective of the mission crystal clear to the player.

- Ship controls/glitches: Most of this is fine, but sometimes when you try to select a special it doesn't always register when you click it. Also, the ship spazes out when you get to close to one of your own ships, and redirects itself in a different direction from where you planned it. Another common problem is that the simulation, or approximation lines, of fire aren't always accurate. The last problem in this area is ships distance when onboard duels are started. Some of them start when your still far apart. It almost seems random...

- Recruiting men: I'm not sure why you limit it at just 100 men per recruit. It seems rather tedious not just to get the number of men you need for your ship, or ships, in one go. Minor complaint, but it just nagged at me.

- The "Vile Murder": This last ship should have been available a few level before the end. It's nice to have, but once you beat the game you don't have much incentive to go back to them, even with the most powerful ship, just to wail on weaker ships.

- Ships: on the subject of ships, you have been able to buy more than one of each kind. It may have made the game easier, but still...

- last bit: Need more environment like islands, or something that will ad more strategy. Could do with land forts with cannons firing at you. As is, it was kinda plane just fighting other ships, and being in the middle of an armada.

Anyways, nice game. Hope you make a sequel for it.

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frozz responds:

Thank you, realy nice sugestion. we will considering it for the sequel.

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3.85 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2011
3:35 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG