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Urban Warfare

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This is my second flash game, its been sitting on my computer for a while, but Iwas kind of afraid to try submitting it. I started working on it during lunch at school (they have flash cs5 installed there) but, understandably, I stopped working on it there, and continued to work on it at home. I'm hoping this will live long enough for me to show my friends, but to be honest, I'm not all that thrilled about it's chances.

I'd appreciate some constructive advice before you blam this ('cause of the total ten reviews of my last two blammed submissions only one had any actual advice beyond telling me I suck) because I'm working on a few other flash projects too, right now, and I really do want to improve.

thanks for your consideration! XD

I want to thank the four guys who decided to review this and give me advice, I'll be sure to heed your suggestions in the future. Though, I can't really afford to buy a tablet, but I'll be sure to improve the art. I will make a winnable version, I will alter the Text so that is is readable. I will modify the instructions so that they are clearer, and I will try to change up enemy behavior. Thank YOu Guys for your suggestions! XD

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Good for a first try

Great game overall, ok graphics as well. The wall design was especially ingenious, and so were the stat bars. However I noticed that you can shoot while you reload, which could be a problem. As a piece of advice I suggest putting the frame where damage is actually done on the shooting frame rather than be operated by click alone. I have to give you credit that this is your second game only, and it is really good for a second try! (My second try was a box that floats around, triggering hittests and such). Deserves a high score!

123Hexordestuctor responds:

Thanks Richard! See you in school next year.


This is a great game, especially for your second flash game. awesome idea, ducking under the cover to save yourself from the bombs was a cool idea too (makes more sense than shooting it). there are a few obvious problems however, but most of them dont take away from the gameplay. maybe if you make a urban warfare 2 (i hope you do) you could upgrade the graphics and possibly add a sidearm or some different ememies or maybe a couple levels. i had fun with it though, 7/10 +1 for being your second game.

123Hexordestuctor responds:

I am working on a sequel (thanks for the encouragement!)

I am addressing those problems mensioned to me (though if you noticed any that aren't in hte comments let me know)

Adding a sidearm is more difficult. I will if I can figure out how to do it, but in the meantime (and for the sequel too, if I don't figure it out soon) sorry, no sidearm =(

Though thank you for writing a review, and a positive one at that! You don't know how much this means to me! XD

That Bomb...

I got stuck on the bomb too - until I read the reviews and aimed down.
The shooting and general idea are fine, just needs a gentler difficulty curve at the start, and then more variety later on (I seemed to get stuck fighting the same two grunts over and over). Health boxes to shoot would be useful.
I wasn't sure what the point of XP was, or why my gun would explode when out of ammo.
As for free art software, GIMP is great for 2d art (like photoshop) and Inkscape is brilliant for vectors (like Illustrator).

123Hexordestuctor responds:

I trie downloading gimp, but for sum reason, gimp hates my computer and It won't launch.
Never heard of Inkscape, but If it's freeware, maybe I'll check it out.

The gun exploding thing was just an excuse because I had no idea how to make it so that your gun would stop shooting if you ran out of ammo (though I know now and the sequel will adress this issue)

The bomb got so many complaints (many of them from guys at school) that I'm removing it for the sequel

I added first aid kits for the sequel

thank you for taking the time to write a review! XD

lemme see...

i can see why ur other ones r blammed. if u want to put a game here, maybe make it possible to play. no matter how soon the plane is destroyed, the grenade still falls and kills you. if u want to take the medium seriously in the future, don't use the mouse to make ur type...i.e. the logo. use a stylus. if ur using cs, u should use another vector based program like illustrator to perfect it, and then illustrate it in flash. just a suggestion. keep at it :)

123Hexordestuctor responds:

Thank you for the advice, but as of now, I cannot afford to get a tablet, adobe illustrator, photoshop, or any other software/hardware that could help with that sort of thing, but I'll keep it mind for when I do get the money.

Also, the idea behind the whole "destroying the plane thing was a stupid one so I'm not going to bother explaining it, it was stupid, and I will fix it in the future.

Thank you for taking the time to write a review! XD

Nice attempt.

I'm sympathetic to you being a beginner to flash making, and I'll try not to be too harsh on something you obviously put some effort and time into making.
First off; try to make your menu screen a little more legible. Until you become adept at using stylized script, trying just using good old print, nothing wrong with that! I found it hard to read some of the instructions because they were written in cursive, and some of the text throughout was a little hit and miss in my opinion. Also, try to be more clear in your instructions (I.E. To avoid being shot/hit by harrier bomb, point gun behind barrier.) A lot of the game play was off as well; For example, the bomb at the beginning is impossible to hit, sprayed it several times with no effect, merely a game over. Try getting enemies to switch up attack routines, instead of always scrawling from the left side, it became repetitive motion of; Kill bad guys on screen, duck to avoid being shot by off screen bad guys, kill bad guys, reload, etc. (Also, there is never any additional harriers?)
The actual art was lackluster overall, but with improvement could be decent.

Pros: Controls are simplistic
"Pick up and play" (No learning curve)
Multiple sound tracks + No loop over flash

Cons: Game play uneventful
Somewhat vague instructions
Very simplistic game
Sound effects repetitive/annoying
Script sometimes illegible
Visual quality overall sub-par

Remember; never give up! Becoming a good flash artist is a series of trial and error, and learning from your mistakes. Perhaps some of your friends could help you with the art as well? Collaboration is a great way to make some quality flashes! I look forward to more flashes from you in the future!

Good Luck,

123Hexordestuctor responds:

Ha ha, thanks, I won't give up! XD

I realize the visual quality sucks, but I did the best I could with a mouse (I can't afford any hardware to help with that). Though, to be perfectly honest, it mainly sucks because I was such a noob I didn't even realize that object drawing was turned on and I thought Flash was just gliching up. Pretty sad right?

I'll work on the sounds in the future, but my options are kinda limited

The bomb isn't supposed to be shot, but it was my fault for not making that clearer

I'll take your suggestion to use regular text in the future

and I will modify enemy behavior.

Thank You for weighing in!

Credits & Info

2.43 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2011
8:35 PM EDT