1P Pong

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Alright; this is my 2nd Game With TFG2. I wanted to create it in an old-fashioned way, and keep it simple.
At the end, when the ball is not caught by your paddle, it will display your score. Please enjoy, and comment/rate fairly.

Mouse to Move Paddle

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Wow, this is actually pretty neat! I like the physics on the ball. Some Pong games I've seen make the ball go very fast or act unexpectedly, but this ran very smoothly. I tried to see if I could use the side of the paddle to hit the ball into a horizontal spin, but no, it only hits it vertically. Still, nice programming. :)

Graphics: 2

Nonexistent graphics, just lines and a ball. But hey, it's Pong...

Sound: 0

Still, no sound...

Violence: 2

No violence, unless you count the constant slamming of the ball in high speed.

Interactivity: 7

Yet another game with much interaction. At first I thought it was crap, cause I kept losing at 100 points no matter what button I pressed. Then I realized you move the paddle WITH THE MOUSE. You should really add instructions to the start. It's not a big of a deal.

Humor: 1

Playing Pong solo gets dull very fast...

Overall: 4

The game is simple, but it works.

good game

good but too easy but still good

NinjaZeno responds:


Epic ;)

Very original game! Pong is one of my favorite arcade games from back in the day.

NinjaZeno responds:



Hi, NinjaZeno!
Good and orginal game!

NinjaZeno responds:

Thanks :D


ima chargin meh lazeh!!

NinjaZeno responds:

Thanks for rating 10/10, but what do lasers have to do with the game? O.O

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2.48 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2011
7:51 PM EDT
Skill - Other