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This is my most recent version of my Shop Control game. I need more ideas, so people post them here, or mail them to me!

I need all your ideas please :D.

** All Graphics/Code created by me **


SPEND alot more time on future games...

Seriously, if you can make it so you can change the prices of product in the store, option to sell stores, more variety at once for stores (cotton candy or Pets, not one step two step) I know its a lot of work but it would cause vast improvement on your ratings... Waste of time Maybe I'll be back when you render version 3.0? Good luck and make good changes for the WIN!

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Tycoon games like this are a popular concept, however they can be very hard to pull off. The first thing a tycoon game needs is fancy graphics, and this was probably drawn together in 5 minutes. Also, dont make the player press start new day, it gets very tedious, make it automatic. Also, draw little people going into the shop and leaving, at the very least. Add music, too. Oh, and more upgrades please. So yeah, any one of these games can have potential, this one too, you just have to do it right.

:D luck

yeah that is the attitude, you can di it better, you need give more money in the beginning of the game and the game moves according reducing overall amount of money. lucky :D

Love the concept but...

It needs a hell of a lot of improvement. As I said, I LOVE the idea, but maybe it would be better if you could upgrade each shop and have more upgrades or even create your own city! That would be nice...
Another thing that bugged me was the fact that you had to click to advance to another day and then wait. It would be better if time just passed and if you wanted to go directly to next day then do it.
The graphics and visuals also need improvement, and it also needs more sounds.
It's got potential. Good potential, that's why I put 4 points, but I'm not totally satisfied.

good start

first thing i noticed was that there was no entrance screen. not that you need one, it just caught me off guard a little.
the next thing that i have a bit of a problem with is the money system. it's just a steady increment depending on how many shops you own. what id suggest is to have a random number generator control what car goes where, and if a car goes by your store, then have another random number award some money for it. but i know syncing and things like that might be a little annoying sometimes.
my main problem was just with the money system but also, if the cars can't be used to tell when you get money, they just seem a bit unnecessary. i know they're just so something's happening on screen but still...
the shop screen is a little bit boring. i would say instead of having all those shops listed for buying at the same time, just make one button and have it switch which store you'd buy after you click it. also, instead of a 5% more money button, upgrades for different store stats should be available. like you can upgrade merchandise and do some advertising to raise sales.
also, maybe if you want to, you could make the stores customizable so you could decide which store is a grocery store and which should be a toy store. you could have a sheet in the menu that tells you what kind of neighbor hood the store is in and you could have that effect how much traffic you'll get depending on what kind of store you have there.
these are just some suggestions for the future though, i know that putting some of this stuff into code isn't the easiest thing to do. good luck with it though and ill be looking to see if you make any other versions. by the way, your graphics are very smooth.
just noticed something, your +5% money button isn't working the way it probably should. unless you intended it to get you less money.... it looks like the money earned is getting multiplied by .05 then added to the money pool instead of added to the earned money then the money pool.
long reveiw, im sorry bout that but you did ask for suggestions XD. like i said good luck with this, i hope make some more. 8/10 4/5

Brodster55 responds:

Thanks for the ideas. And I haven't made the entrance screen yet, I'm still figuring out what it will look like.

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1.96 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2011
5:43 PM EDT
Strategy - Other