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Hunters - Stage 6

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Author Comments

Hunters: Relic of Stars - Stage 6. Carina has been captured by the Hunters.

Play stage 1 here: portal/view/566055
Play stage 2 here: portal/view/566291
Play stage 3 here: portal/view/566564
Play stage 4 here: portal/view/566734
Play stage 5 here: portal/view/566895

Arrow Keys - Move / Aim
Z - Shoot
X - Jump
C - Change Weapons
Spacebar - Pause / Open Map

You can also use WASD to move and JKL to shoot/jump/change weapons, however on some browsers/keyboards you may run into issues with too many keys being pressed at once, nothing I can do about that.

If you have a PC Gamepad, I highly recommend using the Joy2Key Software. You can download it: here: http://bit.ly/NCx4h

Saving - Progress through the stage is saved automatically at every major checkpoint. If you have to leave and come back, your progress will still be there!

Bugs - If you do find a bug, please report it to me via PM. Be as descriptive as you can, I can't fix things if I don't know what went wrong!

Sticky Keys Bug - If the keys feel like they're sticking, character keeps running after you let go, please read the third post in this thread: http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1123318
This is a bug with some browsers/systems and there's really nothing I can do to fix it.
Well, this is it, the final stage. I hope those that have enjoyed the game up until now agree that I've saved the best for last, just don't expect the journey left to come to be an easy one.


Victory screen spoiler

Mizar just wont die

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Fun retro shooting action

While a pretty fun series, there are a couple things that would have made it a lot better for me.

Diagonal aiming without moving would be great. You have roughly 12 times the keys you need for this game, so mapping two more wouldn't be too bad, methinks.

While the level design was alright as far as the obstacles went, the color choices drove me nuts. This sounds like a minor concern, but there were several places where you can't tell the difference between the walls and the background without staring for a couple seconds because they were so similar. Yes, it helps lay out a theme (the purple room, the yellow room, that awkward green room) but contrast really helps gameplay. On a similar note, a lot of the enemies happened to wear the same color as the room you were in. This was fine in older games (since memory was lacking) but it's just as easy for Flash to draw a red guy on a red background as it is to draw a bright green guy on a red background.

Overall, pretty solid. Loved the cutscenes, the bosses were challenging. This really felt a lot like a version of Metroid with substantially less backtracking.

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i totally love this series and hope you make a hunters of the star relic 2 xD, but i just cant beat that alcor (when he is in Gozilla beast mode lol) way too hard for me, even on easy its near impossible i cant do it lol, anyways Good game, hope someone makes a video of this game on youtube lolz >_>


I figured I would play through all 6 parts before giving this a proper review. I will admit that I almost passed over these great games because I couldn't mute it when listening to other music lol. But anyway this is some of the most fun I have had playing flash games over the past few days. The gameplay stayed fresh throughout the whole thing and it was fun to die before a checkpoint just to go back and see if another weapon made the part easier. All of the boss battles were unique and although some of them were very hard, none were impossible. I liked the retro style of boss battles where they all had a designated pattern until the fight with the girl at the end. All of the other bosses had an easy to identify pattern but were still difficult to beat. The last fight didn't have a pattern but it was easy to identify the "tells" and be ready for the attack before it got to you. So yes this was an awesome series and I can maybe see myself coming back to play all of these again should I ever get bored. Kudos to you good sir for putting a lot of work into a game that lasted for hours on end. Keep up the good work and I am excited to see your future projects and most likely write positive reviews on them as well.

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really? ive been through the first 5 stages on normal maybe you should just learn better strategies this is a great game and i thank the people that made it. Honestly why do you people always have to complain about this game? if you didn't like the first one then why bother continuing and makeing more useless reviews.

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