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Super Cops: Targets

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Destroyer 5 Points

Shoot the barrel and destroy the fence

Dirty Cop 5 Points

Kill 5 hostages

Engineer 10 Points

Defuse all mines

Reloader 10 Points

Reload 100 times

Solid Snake 10 Points

Complete the sniper minigame

Vehicle Hater 10 Points

Destroy a car

Bad Ass Killer 25 Points

Kill the final boss

Rifle Cop 25 Points

Kill 30 enemies with a rifle

Rookie Cop 25 Points

Complete the game on easy difficulty

Shotgun Cop 25 Points

Kill 20 enemies with the shotgun

Duck Hunt 50 Points

Kill 20 Ducks in total

Good Cop 50 Points

Complete the game on normal difficulty

Ninja 50 Points

Get a 5x combo

Skilled 50 Points

Complete the training and get the highest difficulty as recommend

The Killer 50 Points

Kill a total of 666 enemies

Top Cop 100 Points

Complete the game on hard difficulty

Author Comments

27 April 2011 Edit: Added 16 newgrounds medals!
12 April 2011 Edit: Thanks for the daily third award!

Super Cops: Targets is a fast paced arcade shooter. It is a tribute to the famous arcade shooter: Virtua Cop 2. It is your job, as Mr. Justice, to kill all enemies in the game and get a great highscore.

The game is controlled as follows:

MOUSE: Aim your weapon
LEFT Mouse button: Shoot with your gun, defuse mines, navigate
SPACE Bar: Reload your weapon, start the game
TAB Key: Switch your weapon (shotgun or pistol)

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Enjoyed it, despite its simplicity! No idea how you get perfect in the training though...?

idk how you get perfect on the training...

How to get rifle for started wepon? Shotgun is too slow in reloading that makes it almost unusable (even in training), its only good to fight boss. Nice game but without wepon menu, i mean to choose and upgrade what player wants its not so fun:(

Great disappointment.

1- I understand it is a "tribute" to virtua cop, but it is also a gross misrepresentation of police officer/agent service. Well, "Virtua Cop" should also be called "Virtua shooter" for the same reason.

2- Gameplay is horrible. Okay, I had some fun, but the way the screen moves, it's not even close to a virtual gun shooter. Weapons make no sense (they all do the same job, shotgun is only different at boss, pistol is actually a six-shooter and shotgun with 4 shells max? Also smg is a rifle, wtf?).

3- Music volume is too damn high, and Steven Seagal appearing every combo is really messed up, even providing cover for some bad guys sometimes.

4- Bugs: Restarting the game often results in a messed up training run (starts with shotgun). There is also 1 or even 2 baddies that are completely invulnerable during bomb/mine defusal.

5- Game has no story whatsoever and is also incredibly short.

Long story short: This game is not even decent, although it is somewhat fun to play for the medals. A real POTS (play once then shelve).

Mennez responds:

Thanks for the feedback. You found some bugs I was not aware of. And I was busy with enhancing this game for our new (to be released in February) flash high score games website: Clashflash.com. Currently the website is in ancient state though.

When the new website releases this February, it will also contain a new version of this game. Some improvements are: new enemy graphics (cell shaded), new 16:9 resolution, shield enemy impacts and killed once with shotgun and the bugs you noticed are gone (and a lot of others as well).

The game is intended to be very short for our high score competition. Long games are not suited for this. For point (1) of your feedback: you are taking this game and Virtua Cop too seriously. Just play it for fun and do not think it has any relation with simulation, haha.

So, there are things that i like in this game:

1 - Hardcore. It helps me to be a pro.

2 - Humor. I like games with humor.

3 - Quality. This game is very good by its quality of gameplay, but there are problems with graphycs.

There are things, that i hate in this game:

1 - SUPER loud music.this

2 - Small story.

But this game is still good.

(Sorry for my grammar, im Russian :))