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Blob's Adventure

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Tricked Traps Level 1 5 Points

Trick all the traps in level 1.

Tricked Traps Level 3 5 Points

Trick all the traps in level 3.

Tricked Traps Level 4 5 Points

Trick all the traps in level 4.

Broke The Engine 10 Points

Find the secret room and break the engine!

Tricked Traps Level 2 10 Points

Trick all the traps in level 2.

Tricked Traps Level 5 10 Points

Trick all the traps in level 5.

Tricked Traps Level 9 10 Points

Trick all the traps in level 9.

Tricked Traps Level 8 25 Points

Trick all the traps in level 8. There are 2 traps.

Conglaturation 50 Points

Beat the game.

Author Comments

Blob's Adventure is a random adventure, with little to no story. During the adventure you will encounter spikes, traps, puzzles, bosses and stuff.

Sorry, had to reupload cause of issues with the submitting scores as well as other things I left in.

I fixed the last boss, the last phase wasn't beatable for some due to rotation and hitbox issues.

Added medals :D When they get approved you can get them. I did see one user with a medal from this game, that's weird since I can't see them myself...

Leaderboards submissions bug fix (I hope lol), so had to wipe the leaderboards

Medal fixes

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I know this is an older game and read the revies have to agree with them
this game needs a lot improvment.

Even final boss is easier than vase section.

This game is absolutely frustrating and the level 8 trap (not the actual trap, the "trap" trap) was a bit over the top... It was absurdly hard and had I not been capable to waste almost an hour at it, I would have taken it as impossible. it was actually much harder than the final boss.

As a suggestion, try to tune it down a bit, or, at least, add difficulty settings.

Next: Lagging. It only makes everything harder, next to impossible (one would have expected to ease up since there would be more reaction time, but it's the other way around in this game). Tends to go away from time to time (unstable)

Controls and playability. THEY SUCK. Period. If you disagree then you must really like ice skating, changing directions like a madman and jumping always at the exact same height, ever.

Graphics. Not bad, but not very good either. i'd say "good", more than sufficient.

Music: Good pick, fitting for the whole setting.

Difficulty: Above hardcore. This shouldn't be played by casuals in any situation and I'd say not even by experienced players for the medal on level 8. It's pixel-perfect maneuvering which, thanks to the game's crappy control response, becomes infuriatingly frustrating.

Overall, it's another "I wanna be the I wanna be the guy" game, could have been a lot better though.

A decent "I wanna be the guy" type game, but not without its flaws, the primary of which is the lag.

Strangely, there is terrible terrible lag *until* you die at least one death via falling rock. Then there is still lag in some places but it's much more bearable. Try that if you're having bad lag problems. Intentionally die via falling rock at least once. Yes you must do this each time you play the game. If you're very good at dodging those falling rocks you will have a bad time due to lag.

Medals only award *if* you've triggered all traps in the level during a single run and made it through without dying on that run. Simply completing levels does not award medals with the exception of the Beat the Game medal which indeed does award when you complete that final stage. Also there are no medal indications in-game so you'll just have to check them later or manually.

Trick all traps in level 8 is probably the hardest medal in the game. Look at DiMono's walkthrough of it if you think it'll help. I would make a slight alteration to that walkthrough of that level though. Do not hit either of the leftmost invisible blocks from underneath but otherwise follow his guide. This will give you a very tiny more wiggle room but trust me every little bit helps!

This game is too hard

Credits & Info

3.27 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2011
7:16 AM EDT