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***EDIT 2007***
I haven't been on NG on this account in years, almost 6! And it seems that they removed the flash size limits where it used to compact the video into a small screen and now it's HUMONGOUS!
But I'm sorry I don't have the original .fla after all this time to resize it for you guys, maybe you can try resizing the window... Sorry!
***END EDIT***

This is Aeris from FFVII. The video has double story lines. The first is when Aeris is talking. And the second are the brief flashes of Sephiroth killing her, and Cloud holding her afterwards to lay her into the water. If you know the story behind Aeris and have played the game then there should be no trouble to understand this video. Its meant to be sad.

I cant do much yet. So putting music to pictures is about the extent of my talent. Actually the pictures are the best here because they are meant to be memories of Aeris. The fading photos, along with her music when she died. If I am not as good at flash as most of you are , please don't give it a bad view. I made it for me,and I like it. And I thought I wasnt doing that bad for only using flash for a couple of hours. Anyway, if you like it or not. Don't flame it.

I just noticed that it was rather small in here. I can't make it any bigger, it's meant to be run in full screen mode but this is as big as it will go here.

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The thing I hate most in FFVII is letting a character of my favourite job class die.

...go ahead an laugh for me liking a Geomancer.

@nitsuj7587 they're screen shots from the game final fantasy 7 for playstation 2 otherwise its a good ensamble

Hard to believe this was done by pixels.

This is VERY hard to believe was done by pixels. It looks more hand drawn than being done by pixels. I LOVE this video alot. I have added it to my favorites. It's very moving and well made. My personal rating is 100 stars. Keep the videos coming!!!!

Wonderful, and moving!

GREAT work! This video expresses my feelings for Aeris as well. (I don't care if it's really Aerith, I've been calling her Aeris for over 10 years and it's never gong to change!!!) Also, Keep up the good work!!!

I will always love her

Despite her being a fictional character, and a video game character at that, still every time I see an image of her I react as if I'm looking at a picture of a woman whom I loved--and lost--in real life. A testament to the writers of Final Fantasy Vii, that they've created a character that I connected with on a spiritual level even stronger than most people I've known in real life.

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Jul 12, 2002
1:38 AM EDT