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Pigs Can Fly

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Select a potion, do something, put it back, and then select a different potion. Cursor movement is recorded.

Gameplay: Mouse

Each colored potion resets the level and allows you to control a cursor. The pig can only be dragged with the pink cursor, and blue and green boxes can only be dragged with the blue and green cursors respectively. The objective is to get the pig to the potion so he can grow wings and fly away. In some levels, you are not even given a pink potion! The levels get more challenging so try to think it through first! See the walkthrough video if you get stuck.



cool game

Good game, but could be harder

Took me one try for each level

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great cheerful and puzzling, have you thought of an iphone app?


such a clean and neat game! i truly arore this game. BUT.
it isnt challenging. the concept was awesome. next time add a few more colours other than blue and pink. and yes, make this an app.

Mmm, bacon.

I'm a bit of a rambler, and it IS 0400 after all, so I'll try to make this as structured and useful as possible:

~ Gameplay:
Simple, fun, and interesting. I would have absolutely loved to see more levels, though. It was very easy to start out, and got slightly more difficult as it went on, but I never felt like the game quite reached it's potential before it ended. There was so much that could be done with this engine that was only briefly even touched upon. If you make a sequel - and I'd recommend you do - I'd like to see a lot more levels, and a slightly steeper difficulty curve.

~ Audio:
Unobtrusive, but a bit repetitive. Given the short length of the game, it wasn't a huge problem, but if it had been longer the music would have gotten grating. In fact, I'm very much wishing for a "mute" button while writing this review. Always put in a mute button, or at least hot-key "m".

~ Graphics:
Cute, simple, but fun. I'd have liked to see a "cleaner" potion bottle, but the pig and objects were all well put together. The backgrounds were perfect. Both blankness and garish backgrounds are distracting. I had to actually look again to see if there was a background, and that - to me- is exactly what a good background should be: unnoticed.

~ Tutorial:
I suppose you figure it out easily enough, but you might want to consider mentioning that the cursors are all simultaneous. Level 2 confused me for a bit when the blocks kept reappearing after I dragged them away. Other than that, it's such a simple concept that I'd almost recommend not having an in-game tutorial and use a "how to play" screen/s instead.

~Final comments:
Gameplay was innovative and fresh, the context was goofy and fun, and there were no noticeable bugs that I found. Step up the length and difficulty: take this same concept and engine and really do something with it. The result should be phenomenal.

Thanks for the game, and good luck with your next one!

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4.13 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2011
2:13 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other