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Pigs Can Fly

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Select a potion, do something, put it back, and then select a different potion. Cursor movement is recorded.

Gameplay: Mouse

Each colored potion resets the level and allows you to control a cursor. The pig can only be dragged with the pink cursor, and blue and green boxes can only be dragged with the blue and green cursors respectively. The objective is to get the pig to the potion so he can grow wings and fly away. In some levels, you are not even given a pink potion! The levels get more challenging so try to think it through first! See the walkthrough video if you get stuck.

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Glitch: At Level 2 I was Using The Green Potion And Dragging The Green Blocks Off And after I was done I clicked the Green Potion Again But It Restarted the level >:( WHAT?!

Very fun and creative for the most part, but later falls into the same trap nigh all physics puzzles fall into, that is, randomness, same actions causing different results (where the pig rolls, where the potion flies to, where objects are forced, each being slightly different each time around)

Fun but repetitive!

last level was hard lol i kept getting blue and green messed up lol about to play the sequel!

Great concept. Too bad there are only a few levels that are actually difficult.
High hopes for a sequel!!
Good job ;)