family guy is really SHIT

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family guy is still the shittiest thing ever

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But it was funny once. A very long time ago. Then seasonal rot hit it with a bat.

deep, insighitful, thoughtful

i think we could all learn something from this

very disrespectful. very hateful of you to say that. someones jealous.

Yes, Family Guy is shitty. I can bring up several good reasons why:

- Peter is gay, aethiest, immature, beats up children, and sings too much Surfin Bird
- It abuses other people, including God and Biblical beliefs
- It talks too much about sex
- It's as stupid as SouthPark
- Every character has only 4 fingers on each hand, 4 toes on each foot, and no eye color
- It uses too much foul language
- It has lots of blood
- It sucks

Family Guy sucks so much even it debuted in one of the season series of SouthPark. I DO NOT even find that show funny. I hope whoever made Family Guy puts an end to that sick show. And if I were / was with the producers, I would have demanded them to stop showing it if I could.

oh you

also islam is the new wave

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Apr 8, 2011
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