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Play as a fish and complete various objectives.

I think this is one of my better games. I'm interested to see how it does, as I might carry over some concepts into the next William and Sly. Hope you have fun, and let me know what you think!


I quite adore this game. It's nice to play when you are looking for casual flash game. People keep comparing it to William and Sly and well obviously the same person made it so i dont understand why he can't make a similar style game with different characters and such. Whatever. I loved it (:

as many pepole have pointed out this is veary simaler to willame and sly and that is true in a sense but this game has its own endearing qualities. its has a very happy and almost oldtime game esthetic. i have found the art of this game to be quite simaler to a old game called manhole. (i found the catfish to be a great example to this simalarity.

An amazing way to give yourself a headache

Not bad, and in most aspects, its very good, but the novement of the screen leaves somthing to be desired. The movement is twitchy and the fish swerves even when your moust is still, fut those are minor kinks.


This game is pretty much 'William and Sly' I didn't enjoy this game. There are three things I look for in a game:
#1 is originality. It's always important not to copy other people's work. Example: Pong. There are hundreds of games that are based on pong.
#2 is how fun the game is. If it is a boring game nobody will like it.
#3 is how addictive the game is. You can always tell if a game is good by how long you have been hooked to it.
Now, you got originality down, but the amount of fun I had was relatively low. Also, it was only 5 minutes until I got bored of this. There is a small error in this game as well. If there is a banana tree on the surface and there's a banana on the UNDERSIDE of a floating island, it makes no sense. Plus, there really is no point of a fish to collect bananas.

Here's a tip: The back-round and parts of rock that you can just swim through are plain distracting. In this case less is more.

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First of all, just as csh7 said, I do perfer your other flash game William and Sly to this one, but without comparison, let's take a look.
The controls were easy and basic, however, a little tedious in my opinion. Also, the jump was hard sometimes.
The artwork is brilliant and very well colour-coordinated, a beautiful mixture of blue, purple and green in the ocean and the sky was particularily admirable - however, the map, though nicely drawn, was complicated and the lay-out confusing. The Azurefish him/herself was a charmingly mystic character, however, not packed with too much personality. This is a good highlight, because it allows the player to stretch it's imagination in deciding what the fish, to them, is like.
Overall, this is a smooth-running and good quality game - light and simple, but occupiable enough and fun.
8/10 stars. Well done!

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3.84 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2011
9:05 AM EDT
Adventure - Other