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Play as a fish and complete various objectives.

I think this is one of my better games. I'm interested to see how it does, as I might carry over some concepts into the next William and Sly. Hope you have fun, and let me know what you think!


Not bad

the art is ok but i have to agree with Oblivion1 i just got tired of this game quick and i didnt like it but im sure more people will like it.

you yoinked this game

i didnt like this when it was for the NES and you were a gay dolphin, in fact you have the snail in the exact same place the gems were in that game. this really isnt a fun game i like th music and all, but its so dull, once you get most the items, then its a mad search for the last 3 of each thing and eventually say F-this, im done and turn the game, off.

sorry to dis your game and all but i do make some valid points.

Kajenx responds:

Lol, I actually haven't ever played Ecco, but I guess I'll have to now since everyone's saying I did the same thing...


I agree with the others, so this is going to be a short one. This game needs a plot, a quest, medals, anything that can make it look worthy to try. If you leave it like this there will be more complaints like this. This game is something very special but it needs to be further developed. Everything else: graphics, style, music... everything is perfect except the lack of plot.


To some degree, I agree with the others, in that a lack of a "quest" format leaves a little to be desired and makes this feel a little more like a demo than a complete game. That said, if you call this a demo, then it would have to be the best flash demo that I've ever head the pleasure of playing. Graphics, music, and gameplay are all superb.

It was difficult to distinguish what stuff actually acted as walls and what was just confounding decoration that could be swum through, and there was an awful lot of confounding decoration. That made it more challenging and actually a bit more fun to explore, but when it came to racing it started to annoy me. If I were very motivated to optimize my racing, I might go from checkpoint to checkpoint slowly and meticulously on a mapping run to figure out the optimal path and memorize it for an actual race. But that seems like more work than I really want to do because I'm lazy.

The acrobatic subgame had to be my favorite. I'm very much looking forward to another William and Sly, and would like to see such acrobatics play a role in it.

Me no likey the quiz tho.

no real objective

you could at east made the passable places easier recognisable.

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3.84 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2011
9:05 AM EDT
Adventure - Other