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Hunters - Stage 5

rated 4.12 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun

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Apr 8, 2011 | 5:19 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Hunters: Relic of Stars - Stage 5. Having retrieved the third orb, Carina and Avior head to the GPF Headquarters.

Play stage 1 here: portal/view/566055
Play stage 2 here: portal/view/566291
Play stage 3 here: portal/view/566564
Play stage 4 here: portal/view/566734
Play stage 6 here: portal/view/567109

Arrow Keys - Move / Aim
Z - Shoot
X - Jump
C - Change Weapons
Spacebar - Pause / Open Map

You can also use WASD to move and JKL to shoot/jump/change weapons, however on some browsers/keyboards you may run into issues with too many keys being pressed at once, nothing I can do about that.

If you have a PC Gamepad, I highly recommend using the Joy2Key Software. You can download it: here:

Saving - Progress through the stage is saved automatically at every major checkpoint. If you have to leave and come back, your progress will still be there!

Bugs - If you do find a bug, please report it to me via PM. Be as descriptive as you can, I can't fix things if I don't know what went wrong!

Sticky Keys Bug - If the keys feel like they're sticking, character keeps running after you let go, please read the third post in this thread: /bbs/topic/1123318
This is a bug with some browsers/systems and there's really nothing I can do to fix it.
Update: Version 2 is now up. I made Polmire easier on easy.



Rated 3 / 5 stars


The game has potential, no doubt. The voice actors are great. The setting is good. Anything else people would love to heavily criticize I could get past. The reason I have to mark this down though is because... it's not really doing anything new. It's solid, but there's no special zinger that really makes this platformer-shooter stand out amongst the rest of them. From the beginning, you had already lost a good amount of my attention with the particularly bland gameplay. In order to set this game series into the right direction, you need something to make it unique. That something I can't tell you what it is either, but when you find it, you'll know it's what you need. Not every flash game gets put on the front page. Do take advantage of this situation to make yourself really stand out.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I love the art work reminds off the old anime's I use to watch on cartoonnetwork ^-^ game play is fun kinda like the old metroid games love the no gravity part is the best and I haven't beaten the big bad robot with the arms I can't seem to hit him at the right time ^-^ Grate game love the series congrates on the daily pick


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great game but ...

It has awkward controls.
C to jump? That's really awkward when Z is to shoot and C is to change weapons.
BUT, you did sort of solve this issue with the option to play with a pc gamepad, which I have to admit is rather cool ;)
I don't know why people are giving low reviews because of the graphics, I myself find them really good considering it's a flash game and you made it by yourself (I'm presuming)
My only concern is the awkward keyboard controls, otherwise, fantastic series of games! Keep up the good work! :)

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


im feeling kinda lazy so sorry for no depth in this review

The art is horrible, looks like most of it was drawn with the shape tool, or atleast in 5 minutes. Same deal with the animation...isn't very smooth. The voice acting was decent, nothing special but hey, pretty darn good at parts...but otherwise kind of lacking. The only good thing (IMO) in this game is the music. It's really quite good

For the gameplay side, well, i didnt play much of this game, but from what i did play it wasn't too good. Sticky controls -i know that there is a way to solve it but still the fact that it's there in the first place...- kinda ruin the experience. And if they aren't sticking they are just full on not respoding.

I dont know, i can tell you put a lot of work into this in terms of trying to make it a bit more cinematic instead of ,like everyy other flash game on NG, a "just shoot shit up who cares about storyline" feel...which isnt always a bad thing, but whatever you know what i mean.

All in all it just felt like it had a lot of potential. I'm not saying the game is the worst flash game i've ever played but it wasn't the best either...

No one would have blamed you if you took an extra month off to polish it up


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Promising gameplay with piss-poor art

Gameplay: 9/10
It's actually quite good. The weapon changing is nice, contra style shooters are always fun, and the platforming was difficult but never felt impossible. However, I have to take off a little for the way enemies respawn... there's nothing like falling and then realize that you not only have to platform your way back to the top, but you have to kill the enemies again. Some people have said this portion was lacking, but if the game had at least adequate graphics, they wouldn't have ever noticed it. There really isn't a huge control problem in this game, it was completely fine.

Difficulty: 7/10
It always seems to be nice and difficult, but never frustrating. Yet again, it reminds me of contra. However, you really should add checkpoints, it would make it much better.

Sound: 6/10
The voice acting was pretty good, and the effects were... well.. sound effects, nothing special. However the music seemed pretty repetitive, so you could still tweak this a little.

Art: -2/10
Yes, that's right. A negative 2. The art looks like a 4-year-old otaku found the wonder that is microsoft paint. I'm not joking... next time, find someone to do half-decent sprites for you if they look that shitty when you do them yourself. I guarantee that with a good art style, this game could have a 4.5-or-so score, reviews of mostly 9's and 10's, and triple the views. That's how much of a difference it would make. I actually hesitated clicking on this because I expected it to be absolutely terrible based on the art... remember, humans tend to judge by appearance.

Overall: 5/10
What you need to do is bundle all those stages into one file and get an artist to redo sprites for you, because the artstyle is holding back what could be a great flash game.

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