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Checkers Game

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Checkers game with following rules
A simple move involves sliding a piece one space diagonally forwards to an adjacent unoccupied white square.
A jump is a move from a square diagonally adjacent to one of the opponent's pieces to an empty square immediately and directly on the opposite side of the opponent's square, thus "jumping directly over" the square containing the opponent's piece. All piece may jump diagonally forwards and backwards.
If you can make a jump in your turn then you have to do it !!!
When multiple-option jumping moves are available, whether with the one piece in different directions or multiple pieces that can make various jumping moves, the player may choose which piece to jump with and which jumping option or sequence of jumps to make. The jumping sequence chosen does not necessarily have to be the one that would have resulted in the most captures; however, one must make all available captures in the chosen sequence.

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this is horrble the ai is bullshit and the game wont let me move where i want

wtf the ai moves backwards! thats so unfair!


is this what you call checkers? :/ I feel ashamed..

Good game

Good game, but should have different levels of challenge (the opponents of different skills).. I found it too easy, but some people may find it too hard...


The Author Comment says "unoccupied dark square" when in the game all pieces are on light squares.

uzuriel responds:

Thanx did edited it :D