Shop Control 0.1

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This is a pre-release of the game I'm currently working on.

Basically what you do is you try to upgrade your shops, I'm currently working on the artwork and more features.

I need some idea what you guys think should be added.

- Upgrade your shops, make money by clicking "Start New Day".



Off to a good start.

The interface is nice and clean, not too many bugs, and the gameplay is straightforward. This game definitely has potential. It definitely needs some indicator of just what each new shop gives you in terms of (base) income. Second, it needs per-shop upgrades. Things like advertising, display upgrades (maybe display cases, lighting, etc, depending on the kind of store). Maybe even a way to select what kind of store it is. Finally, there has to be an objective. Perhaps make a certain amount of money, or have a high score list for NG members to compete. It's also worth considering to award medals for fully upgraded shops, amount of money earned in one day, etc.

As a challenge factor, I might like to see some operating expenses. Having to balance advertising for new business against keeping the electricity running would add a touch of challenge to this otherwise very easy game.

Keep up the good work. Message me when you finish so I can check it out.

not totally bad

for being very basic, it looks comprehensive. unfortunately, not all options available actually work. by the time i saved enough for the last shop it wasn't even accessible.
obviously there needs to be more filler in the day, and it would be nice to actually specialize the shops, give them specific items like food or a mall.

it would be nice to expand into a city, instead of a city block as well, or even consider making a grid style global system, making exclusive tourist themed shops. more upgrades are required, of every type, make it as unique to personal taste as possible. the customization options are nearly endless, seeing as shops can sell nearly anything.

you may also want to consider readjusting prices for the shops themselves, or even redoing the pricing scheme. some upgrades feel outrageous compared to others. the last shop is six times more expensive than the upgrade it unlocks, it's a bit confusing, especially since i didn't see a big difference in the money from adding the lot.

beef up on some history of these games and you can find a unique way to package this. the overall concept may be a little dated, but the game itself is an unshaped gem that with the right tweaking can be something totally original.


Overall its a good game...

Not to be hateful about my review but, the 8th store function is broken, and its a little too easy, but still overall its a good game.


a few things could be done with this like,

fix shop 6 it does not show up.
put in cost to run the shop's, like power and rent.
random amount for the money you get each day.
be able to up grade the shops, size, stock, ad's.
show a chart to show flow of people coming to each shop.
have brake downs in the shops.
buy out other shop's.
show people coming and going when you go to the next day.
be able to chose the look and paint , placement of the shop.
a few more but can't think now but some one will.

No Challenge.

There's no real story or challenge. You could fix the art like you said, sure, but without a driving story it's sort of a moot point, innit?
Good coding though, if you did it yourself.

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1.27 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2011
7:20 PM EDT
Strategy - Other