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Roll the Dice

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This game was originally created for a Flash development "challenge" during a course I took in which we were to create a game from scratch inside of one hour. I know this isn't the shiniest thing this side of the 'net, but I do plan to improve it as time goes on.


It's broke dude -- the dice begin rolling immediately and never stop. The buttons do absolutely nothing.


There are only two aspects to this, the rolling dice and the score system. And while the dice seem to work, the score system is way off. I bet 1000, but somehow 'won' -50000? Maybe more than an hour should have been spent before uploading it.

Clearly broken

I read the comments so I understand it's a work in progress and it was thrown together pretty quickly, so don't take the low score personally.
There is one MAJOR glitch though which you should make sure to fix if you want to go further with this. You can very easily break the game and make huge amounts of money by betting negative values and choosing one of the low-chance options (box cars or snake eyes). Since you have a really good chance of losing and your bet is negative, you have a really good chance of making money.
Also, I agree with the other comments about the calculations for winnings being very unclear. I'm not even sure if it's convoluted or if you just made some error in the math.

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Math is messed up.

I bet 5, then lose 3.5.

I bet 5, then win more than 5.

Either the math is messed up or there needs to be an explanation of whatever hidden multipliers exist for each win/loss condition.

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2.24 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2011
9:08 AM EDT
Sports - Casino & Gambling