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[KK] NWA Expletive Collab

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Ever heard a censored rap album? Yeah, this isn't like that.

Featuring parts from the prestigious PinkSock and Charcoal125.

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Three Words (see end of review):

Remember the "Portable Curse Device" from the Gadget Games section? This is the samurai apprentice to it.

The only drawback is that, save for the track selection buttons, you can't click buttons for swears to happen like on a soundboard. That's the only drawback. These cuts are ideal for driving down the streets and blasting them at around 2am through a thick residential neighborhood. Guaranteed, a couple jerks on this site will, in fact, rip a few mp3s of these cuts and do something like that with their buddies. I can imagine Splatter, who enjoys prank calling and composing tracks like the Hot Topic Jerk Song, or Stamper... well, anybody can count on Stamper (aka Blacktastic) for trying something like that! Ironic how he never got around to making a flash quite like this.

Be warned, folks, it is what you expect from a Newgrounds crew: disturbing, inconsistent art direction, crudity, and racy humor. Of course you can say that about some of the hip-hop tracks that inspired them to begin with. The NWA Expletive Collab is a grotesque satire that anybody with a faint heart ought to just avoid altogether.

I, on the other hand, got a kick out of it, as it is one of the most horrific and extreme things I have seen in a while, if not ever. Seriously: I have not laughed this hard in years. This time, the Kitty Krew pulled itself together (read, out of its collective intestinal cesspool) and made something worth noting, something that pushes the envelope and stirs up the local customs. When it comes to eradicating everyday values and destroying everything in their wake, these guys never disappoint.

Front Page Material.

Disturbing and degenerate

Sick and ugly, and therefore an incisive commentary on the source material. It's good to see some thought being put into crap like this. Well done.