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Temple of Death

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Human 10 Points

Escape from the temple!

Crawler 25 Points

Escape without using either rifle

Crocodile 25 Points

Kill every creature in the temple

Spider 25 Points

Escape without dying once

Wasp 25 Points

Escape from the temple in under ten minutes

Gargantua 100 Points

Gain every other medal

Author Comments

You've found the relic you were looking for, but can you escape as a horde of horrific creatures converges on you?


Aim and shoot - MOUSE
Cycle weapons - Q, E
Select weapons - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Cycle quality - -, +

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I have a question, Who Indian Jones slept with to get this result?!

Really good game becouse player need to do exaclly what this type about run and shooting gun

love emo girl killers

Intense shooter, but can't say it is too much of a challenge. It's rather easy.

For those seeking the "Wasp" (speedrun) the most valuable tip I can tell you is, after you get the SMG, shelve your pistol. SMG gets lots of rounds and outclasses pistol in DPS. Use every other weapon, don't spare any ammo (don't waste either). The second tip is to rush exits (as soon as they are open) and, at the final battle, shoot only at the boss. Also, don't die, you'll get the Spider for that.

I still used the pistol sparingly on my run, and got a 9:33 time, so it's not even that hard.

For the crocodile and crawler run, just do the exact opposite: Use pistol a lot and only leave a room after searching it entirely (some enemies spawn after the door is opened). DON'T COLLECT THE RIFLES AT ALL, JUST IGNORE THEM (you can collect their ammo without penalties).

No more than 2 runs (wasp+spider, and crawler+crocodile) are needed to achieve the final medal, but it may be wise to do a full run first to learn about the game.

Great shooter, easy to learn and nice weapons included in it. But I think the 10 minutes medal is a bit difficult to have.