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Mir & Ror

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Play our newest game, Mir & Ror! An exciting puzzle game with 30 stages and even a level editor! Share your best homemade levels in the comments section!

Version 1.2:
- Fixed level 16

Version 1.1:
- Fixed bug with level resetting.
- Added right click menu to change quality and disable scanlines.

Controls: Arrow keys to move.
Sponsor: RoundGames.com

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Fresh and fun

Well this was fun, i like the {FRESH} look and feel you gave it kinda like with the menu page after it loads, great colors funky music and just an overall {FUN} game you have here, The {GAMEPLAY} was pretty good too, no gliches or lag that slowed it down infact it was pretty simple if you ask me, and the {INSTRUCTIONS} were pretty good too, just an overall fun simple and freash game, i had fun with it, i even like the {STAGE} select of it aswell, so this was a good game now where can we improve on this game? to be totally be honest i would leave it like it is, if anything maybe a more {ANIMATED} feel from the characters but other then that its pretty impressive, great game!!!!

Some more animation from the characters themself, but thats more of a minor thing.

A cute fresh and well made game, nice job


A nice puzzle challenge.

Always enjoyable to play these kind of games. Doesn't leave much of an impact though since it is so much like any other puzzle games.

Not bad, in fact I like it!

This was a good game because it was made with a fairly good amount of spirit. What was also neat was how cute the sounds and everything else really was. It was fun to just watch these little critters plop around the screen going from one place to another. While a bit difficult, it's of course something that you have to learn to get used to. It is not the most detailed game, but it doesn't have to be to be playable. The coolest thing was learning how each character's limitations helped you.

I don't know what these guys are supposed to be, but they're pretty cute. These guys kind of look like the claymation dudes from "Gumby". The music is also fairly cheery as well. It was interesting to throw in a level editor as well as custom made levels by users. It was also nice to have something to collect in the game.

Kenney responds:

Hah yeah, they DO look like Gumby characters :) Thanks for your review!

Very good!!

Nice game, good idea, addicting, animation is top! Levels become harder and harder. Good work

Kenney responds:

Thanks dad...

very good

nice work :)

Kenney responds:

Thanks! :D

Credits & Info

2.07 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2011
8:30 AM EDT