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Beat Level 1 5 Points

Beat Level 1

Beat Level 10 5 Points

Beat Level 10

Beat Level 11 5 Points

Beat Level 11

Beat Level 12 5 Points

Beat Level 12

Beat Level 13 5 Points

Beat Level 13

Beat Level 14 5 Points

Beat Level 14

Beat Level 15 5 Points

Beat Level 15

Beat Level 2 5 Points

Beat Level 2

Beat Level 3 5 Points

Beat Level 3

Beat Level 4 5 Points

Beat Level 4

Beat Level 5 5 Points

Beat Level 5

Beat Level 6 5 Points

Beat Level 6

Beat Level 7 5 Points

Beat Level 7

Beat Level 8 5 Points

Beat Level 8

Beat Level 9 5 Points

Beat Level 9

Beat Level 16 10 Points

Beat Level 16

Beat Level 17 10 Points

Beat Level 17

Beat Level 18 10 Points

Beat Level 18

Beat Level 19 10 Points

Beat Level 19

Beat Level 20 10 Points

Beat Level 20


Completed Challenge Mode. Well Done.


Completed Challenge Mode in less than 15 Minutes. Wow.

Author Comments

For those who have trouble clicking the button to start the game, please update your Flash player and play in a modern browser, I cannot find any other reason for a simple mouse click event listener to not work for you. Please PM me if you are all up to date and still experiencing trouble.

Update: Fixed the last medal. If you've already beaten level 20, it should auto unlock, just waiting for NG approval of the file!

While developing K.O.L.M. I kept itching to try out making mini adventures that could be completed quickly. This game is the result of expanding those experiements, and I think it's turned out pretty awesome. What if games like Metroid were on the scale that they could be completed in less than a Minute? Well, let's find out, shall we? Also - Lots of NG Medals once approved :)

P.S. This is by no means a sequel to K.O.L.M. - that's going to be coming soon ;) Have fun!

P.P.S. The amazing soundtrack to this game will be uploaded by Ockeroid later on to the AP, I'll update the Co-Author stuff then. It's probably the best soundtrack to any game I've ever made.


I wrote Something on K.O.L.M. 2 with out completing my thoughts, so im reviewing here.

I like the darker theme in the second one. it adds to the suspense.
light change effect - good
dual character - like the idea, could be perfected
That face - LMAO. keep it.
Growth of characters - i believe they will reveal themselves in time.
Suicide button - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

I like the idea of this expansion pack. if my suspicion is correct, challenge stages for bigger game?

I hope you read this one, and my other one, for these are great games.

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Im Stuck On War? Satire! Adventure

This is a really cool idea.
I'm a big fan of the K.O.L.M. games, and this is a great little expansion.

The tight controls and the quick-fire gameplay really make this enjoyable. It's sort of a challenging arcade version of the adventure game.

I don't have any realistic complaints, other than the fact that it should have even more levels and even more difficult stages. Maybe a level editor?

i liked it :DD

fun to play :DD

MEH ehh

:/ meh. 5 STARS 4 U!!

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Credits & Info

4.29 / 5.00

Apr 5, 2011
6:45 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other