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Beat Level 1 5 Points

Beat Level 1

Beat Level 10 5 Points

Beat Level 10

Beat Level 11 5 Points

Beat Level 11

Beat Level 12 5 Points

Beat Level 12

Beat Level 13 5 Points

Beat Level 13

Beat Level 14 5 Points

Beat Level 14

Beat Level 15 5 Points

Beat Level 15

Beat Level 2 5 Points

Beat Level 2

Beat Level 3 5 Points

Beat Level 3

Beat Level 4 5 Points

Beat Level 4

Beat Level 5 5 Points

Beat Level 5

Beat Level 6 5 Points

Beat Level 6

Beat Level 7 5 Points

Beat Level 7

Beat Level 8 5 Points

Beat Level 8

Beat Level 9 5 Points

Beat Level 9

Beat Level 16 10 Points

Beat Level 16

Beat Level 17 10 Points

Beat Level 17

Beat Level 18 10 Points

Beat Level 18

Beat Level 19 10 Points

Beat Level 19

Beat Level 20 10 Points

Beat Level 20


Completed Challenge Mode. Well Done.


Completed Challenge Mode in less than 15 Minutes. Wow.

Author Comments

For those who have trouble clicking the button to start the game, please update your Flash player and play in a modern browser, I cannot find any other reason for a simple mouse click event listener to not work for you. Please PM me if you are all up to date and still experiencing trouble.

Update: Fixed the last medal. If you've already beaten level 20, it should auto unlock, just waiting for NG approval of the file!

While developing K.O.L.M. I kept itching to try out making mini adventures that could be completed quickly. This game is the result of expanding those experiements, and I think it's turned out pretty awesome. What if games like Metroid were on the scale that they could be completed in less than a Minute? Well, let's find out, shall we? Also - Lots of NG Medals once approved :)

P.S. This is by no means a sequel to K.O.L.M. - that's going to be coming soon ;) Have fun!

P.P.S. The amazing soundtrack to this game will be uploaded by Ockeroid later on to the AP, I'll update the Co-Author stuff then. It's probably the best soundtrack to any game I've ever made.

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got game to 100% really fun keep working on it

Turns out when you put a kind of average Metroidvania into a Warioware-esque format it becomes a whole lot more fun and unique for it. Better than the actual KOLM. Love the music in this one more too.

Will you make a new KOLM?

Just completed the main game for this. Main critiques:

1) Controls are quite strict for the jump. This was later fixed in KOLM2 where you can just hold jump to jump repeatedly.

2) It takes unnecessarily long to restart the level considering the whole theme of this game is to speedrun a level within a minute. I mean, I can understand that this is a penalty for the Challenge mode itself, but why not just shorten the amount of time it takes to restart, and then manually add extra time to the clock?

3) Whoever designed & tested level 14 (which features softlocks and a frustrating section where you have to slowly crouch slide your way through a conveyor belt in the opposite direction) with the above restart issue in mind ought to be given one tight slap. I get that its meant to stop people from abusing death teleport, but honestly, this is just bad level design and is meant to deliberately pad the time of a level.

4) Likewise, whoever tested level 18 and thought it was okay for you to start with a disorienting series of screen transitions also ought to be smacked.

Other than that it was overall a pretty tight and intense minigame and generally enjoyable.


edit(response to reply from author):
Yeah I'm fine, I wanted to point out the not so good parts of the game so that those can be fixed in the future, but those flaws ultimately aren't game-killers, and the rest of the game I felt were done well, that's why I still rated it 4, though admittedly I should have raised some good points along with it. I apologize if I came across as a bit bipolar.

The-EXP responds:

What a bitter review for a 4 star. I hope you're ok.

I have a good pc but the lag on this was very annoying. It mostly only occurs at the start/finish of levels and when you pick up powerups.

Still one of the best metroidvania flash games ever.

The-EXP responds:

Thanks :) Yeah this one is a bit laggy because I tried to do everything on a strict minute timer. I should have just let the lag slow things down instead of trying to be clever about it. Oh well, live and learn :) Thanks for playing :)