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Sticky 5

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Author Comments

Sticky is back!
New features:
-More (and better) background music.
-Longer Animation
-Replay Button

Hope you enjoy. Please rate and comment (unless you have nothing good to say).

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Awesome, The 5th part, I was excited when it came out. Maybe you could give me flash lessons when or if I Even get it.


aaaaaah the awesomeness

pato93 responds:

duuuuude. havent heard from you in a while. pm me or something. apparently you havnt been active lately, either.

At least the plot was just about understandable

Wow, first review in about a year and a bit. Lucky you hehe.

For a stick animation, sure it's not bad. I'd try tuning up the graphics a bit more in the next addition, and with that possibly make the plot a bit more clearer (it wasn't a difficult plot to understand, I mean how it was presented made it a bit like 'wha?' at times).



Animation is decent... for stick figures.

But newgrounds has seen their fair share of fighting stick figures, and then some!

Try telling a story with unique dialogue for your next animation, it'll play off better and get better reviews.


I would give it a 10 if u turned this into a game.....idea!!! lol

pato93 responds:

actually, there IS a game already in development. engine is being worked on by a very good programmer. So check out the news i post every now and then.