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Mario Battle Bros. ep. 3

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DON'T FORGET TO VOTE! Finally! Thank you Tom Fulp for raising the upload limit for me! I thank you! You are a hero Tom Fulp! Creator of this amazing website! Finally. After months of not working on it. Because I was thinking what will happen next. But I figured it out. What is it? It's a SECRET! Mwa hahahahaha! Sorry about the large file size. :/ anyways if 2 of my series is complete. My dreams really come true... If only school wasn't on until 2 months of vacation plus 3 months equals 5 months of vacation. Anyways IF YOU THINK IT'S SMBZ RIP-OFF. THEN DON'T REVIEW NOR VOTE. I tried to not make it SMBZ-rip-off/copy. By removing new forms, custom enemies, bombs, and other things that are in episode 8 of SMBZ.. I am terribly sorry if you think it is.. RUNS AT 24 FPS! MAKE SURE TO NOT ASK! If there is any sprites that are not credited tell me, I am very sorry to those.

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F-blasted by a GORILLA?!?

Ha! can't stop laughing at that. Are the next eps. that funny? please tell!!!!!


best episode so far. but really, youre taking way to much inspiration from smbz. for example, with the special attacks instead of using the one you use try the one for shadic or the one for vent (you can get it at sprites inc, megaman zx, than cick on the brown haired kid near the top.) and for the special effects use ones beside dbz ones. yah, they sound cool, but theres much better. try flash kit, they have gazzilions of sounds.

Great work!

Keep making videos and keep using my beats!

SuperMarioFan9000 responds:

OMG! You? Man, what are you reviewing here? So nice of you, I'll use your audio though. Thanks!

This is so awesome

cant wait for ep. 4 and cool storyline. i wonder whats going to happen

it is about time

cant wait for 4.

SuperMarioFan9000 responds:

(EDIT): The series' next episode will be out soon, just not sure what project to begin with.

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3.60 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2011
8:19 PM EDT