The Black Book

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"The Book" is an unfinished short story by American horror fiction writer H. P. Lovecraft.
I changed the story, but the main idea is the same: A young man finds an ancient, dangerous book, which can give him power to visit strange dimensions.

I hope you enjoy it,

Edit: Thanks everyone :)
About the story: The animation is similiar to the book until he wakes up in the other dimension. After that I changed it, in the book he returns safely to his room.

I'll definitely make more animations based on lovecraft or with a similiar atmosphere. I'm also planning a strange, dark-themed series.


very good

very good indeed i wud love to draw like that


This was great.
While your character movement could use a little expressive polishing, the characters themselves are really well suited to the story and theme, and your use of environment design and color choices to conjure an atmosphere are excellent. Really nice work!

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Very good

Although I have a few nit picks here an' there, there's really not that much to critique, other than my nit picks.

So, here we go with the nit picking; your backgrounds are beautiful, no debate about it, it shows quality effort. But my one nit pick about it is this; since you created it in photoshop and imported it as such, it's pixelated, digitized and compressed looking. I know this sounds astoundingly ridiculous and would be to ask shitloads of time out of anyone, but what I would have done to avoid this would be to rotoscope all of the background art in Flash pixel for pixel so the qualities of the background art and the vectors used to animate the characters didn't clash as they do, especially when they have to interact directly with each other such as the candle dripping wax.

By this point, I probably sound like a mad man. Allow me to give more... mmm... practical advice; the quotation at the beginning went by too fast for me to read without having to right click; foward from the drop menu. You need to lengthen it so people of an average reading level can comprehend it.

Also the music, it's great but there's no transition between scenes where the music fades out to let the other tracks fade in; they just come to an abrupt end, I don't know if this was intentional to somehow set the atmosphere or what, but it is rather jarring I will tell you that.

I'm sorry I couldn't critique you based on how well you adapted this from the original story, I've never read H.P. Lovecraft before. Matter of fact, I'm only familiar with his character, the Elder God Cthulu and some shit people posing as H.P. Lovecraft have written.

This review is insanely well received!

Classic H.P. Lovecraft

For those of you trying to interpret the story in terms of classic or modern fantasy... stop it. H.P. Lovecraft's stories are often formulaic but they are not subjective. By the way I loved your rendition of the protagonist's room, which I think was influenced by "The Dreams in the Witch House". Your illustration of what I can only think were "the old ones" was spot on, though it bothered me how quickly the protagonist picked up on the language and hieroglyphics of the occult...

You beam with potential

You gave this story a great ending. It's true classic horror. The backgrounds were magnificent. I love the gothic look of them. You have talent and you should definitely continue with animation. If you got together with a voice actor you could create some really interesting flashes. Of course, I think part of what made this flash so good was the lack of sound effects and voices. By the way, RadWalrus helped to make sure this flash didn't get lost in the depth of NG. I'm glad he did.

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