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The Black Book

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"The Book" is an unfinished short story by American horror fiction writer H. P. Lovecraft.
I changed the story, but the main idea is the same: A young man finds an ancient, dangerous book, which can give him power to visit strange dimensions.

I hope you enjoy it,

Edit: Thanks everyone :)
About the story: The animation is similiar to the book until he wakes up in the other dimension. After that I changed it, in the book he returns safely to his room.

I'll definitely make more animations based on lovecraft or with a similiar atmosphere. I'm also planning a strange, dark-themed series.


Love it!

I have been making Flash films for a few years now and have seen quite a lot of movies on this site, but this is actually my favourite one yet... I have never added a clip to my favourite movies- this is the first one.
The excellent drawings and the feeling this clip has got to it give me the chills. The only thing you could improve is the timing of the music.
Plus, you got me really interested in the Cthulu myth. Any suggestion for literature?

The music ends unexpectedly.

If you could make sound transitions smoother, it would be much better. But the animation is top-notch.

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I am a prety big fan of lovecraft books i read almost every one of his works
I realy like how much efort you made with backgrounds the atmosphere
with the music is prety good

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I loved that some of your backgrounds reminded me of H.R. GigerĀ“s work which in turn reminds me of Lovecraft!
The music editing kind of killed it for me but all in all...nice work!

Searchers after horror haunt strange, far places.

While I must admit, the animation is generally smooth, and the backgrounds are incredibly detailed... I must confess that this short brought some issues. First of all, I would like to echo my peers below by announcing that I too, am I huge fan of Lovecraft's work, and I must confess that from the very loading screen, I was deeply interested. The scenery and detail of the art and animation made me believe that this was in fact, a Lovecraft story that you were trying to portray. The style of the buildings and architecture capture the ideal Arkham style, and the surreal dream realm brings the cosmic genius of Lovecraft's imagination to life. With that said, there are some issues. I believe that somebody below mentioned the sound editing, and I concur that the editing of the music was off-setting and certainly ruined whatever mood you were willing to conjure. Also, it felt like the animation only pertained to fans of Lovecraft's work as opposed to fans of Horror fiction in general. Sure, it's great to see a story such as "The Black Book" make its way into flash form, but the vast majority of viewers are fans of Lovecraft. Furthermore, "The Black Book" is also an incomplete work, so the abrupt ending makes the flash awkward and unfinished itself. All these petty nitpickings aside, I'm still somewhat impressed with the scenery, and would be interested to see you work on one of his more psychedelic, cosmic works, such as "The Colour Out of Space" or Some Cthulhu Mythos related material... but either way, I still liked it.


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Apr 4, 2011
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