The Black Book

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"The Book" is an unfinished short story by American horror fiction writer H. P. Lovecraft.
I changed the story, but the main idea is the same: A young man finds an ancient, dangerous book, which can give him power to visit strange dimensions.

I hope you enjoy it,

Edit: Thanks everyone :)
About the story: The animation is similiar to the book until he wakes up in the other dimension. After that I changed it, in the book he returns safely to his room.

I'll definitely make more animations based on lovecraft or with a similiar atmosphere. I'm also planning a strange, dark-themed series.



Thank you, as an abid Lovecraft fan I have to say I love this adaptation true the story was a bit different but, you made it your own and it was done masterfully I'm glad someone still appreciates the origins of true horror and so i ask that you do more of lovecrafts work lol. Ofcourse, that is just a hope.

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Glad to see this got front paged

When I noticed you didn't get in the daily top 5 I was worried this submission would fall into obscurity and not get the praise it deserves. All of the art, animation, and sound were great, and the atmosphere was perfect. The beautiful background art really helped contribute to the overall grim and mysterious feel of the movie. The story was a little puzzling at first but after a second watch I got it.

He's warned not to take the book but does it anyways.
Get's lost in one of it's spells but continues going deeper.
Meets a monster guard/prisoner, who gives him a key to access something more.
His curiosity continues to get the best of him, and he goes to use the key to access a locked room.
Discovers a mysterious book in the room, opens it, and a bad spell is casted on him.
He's now doomed to being the new prisoner of the cave, and now we know the old 'monster' was really someone other person who, just like him, didn't heed the warnings the book.

I think that's right.

Pretty cool

There's a lot of originality and creativity here. You give off the sense of having a lot of potential once you fine-tune your skills. For now, this is a very good low-tech flash. True, the lack of sound effects of any kind hurt it a little, but you had a definite atmosphere going, and I really want to know where you got that music.

The Lovecraftian thing that you managed to capture in this is the sense of things outside of us, dark things that we cannot understand. Not just in the alternate dimension the protagonist visits, but in the strange figures watching him as he walks home, and in the old man's creepy smile. It fits, and I've got to say I like it.


Very nicely done, and you know if Sexual-Lobster liked it its most definitly good

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Make war not lovecraft!

truer words have never been spoken....in the wrong order.

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