Sonic: PHX Episode 7

April 4, 2011 –
November 5, 2018
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Author Comments

Ok, so... here is the 7th installment of our not so long started series, Sonic the Hedgehog: Power Hunters X: Season 1: Quest for Balance.
Damn isn`t that the longest name for a series evah heard??? XP
So... I ask again. Please see the previous episodes to follow the storyline.
I have made some improvements on action and for some while i am satisfied from what i made.
If any one notice a flaw or two, please review with CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM!
Also, rate, enjoy and thanks for watching!


uuuuuu dayum awesome how the story rolls up... DOPEX SNOPEX SUPERX lol



suppliciumfan over 9000 you dont understand u hurt his feeling ouch


I can't resist being quiet anymore!!
This series has so many actions but not enough dialog!!!! DUDE!!! MAKE A BETTER MOVIE THAN THIS!!!
I'd rather blam this if it hasn't passed!!! This is lame!!! Oh and by the way, GARBAGE!!! So many LAME FAN CHARACTERS!!!!
I had many movies created and I didn't upload it!!! I'd rather watch some cool, but NOT THIS GARBAGE!!!
Now,Oh and I saw the episode where your the villain... You ARE REALLY A VILLAIN!!! WHO'S THE BRAT!!!? YOU ARE!!!
Kuso!!!... (Japanese)

<deleted> responds:

Aw god. Are you really still watching this old shite?!... Go watch something new i made for a change will ya?


I still remember what you did.. But never mind
The episode is good (Being honest here..) The music is just the right thing to use. and the sound effects too..
And the time when Knuckles and Silver were surprised that the enemy was dr. robotnik, look there... There are speed lines (That's what I call it.. I have no idea what they're called) Where'd you get it?
I have nothing to watch so I don't like to watch yours. But I have no choice..
Sorry about reviewing on the past episodes of the series..

<deleted> responds:

Yea, says the one that cant even move the foreground properly. Listen here. I understand these series suck but you dont have to rub it in like this, you impudent brat. Why waste time at all if this is 'not worthy for reviewing' or 'havent got other choice'? If u really dont know WHAT to do u can go fuck like this with ur parents!

Very cool =)


<deleted> responds:

Thanks for reviewing. :D


Okay two reviews one the story seemed a bit confusing. the central character was more Xeno than Sonic. The fights were decent and too be honest pretty entertaining. I LIKED THIS.


Xeno is JUNSUI. MY SPRITE SHEET, you can find him ready at my deviantart webpage.

http://milanous.deviantart.com/galler y/#/d2twwr0

YOU DIDN'T ASK TO USE IT oh and even worse YOU CLAIMED IT AS YOUR OWN. you gave no credit to me in the ending credits.

He was meant to be saved for my story later on and I specifically SAID NO ONE CAN USE HIM WITHOUT MY EXPRESS PERMISSION. I specified it and I guess I won't be posting anymore of his sprites on the internet or anyones for that matter.

<deleted> responds:

Dude thanks for reviewing. Its an honour to have the GREAT MILANOUS to review my work. As for Xeno... I think we solved that problem via PM-ing.


really cool movie

<deleted> responds:

Thanks dude!

It was cool

Just one flaw if u listen to the sound effects during the fight it was off by a second or two. Besides that it is a very interesting story

<deleted> responds:

Yea, if you see a series from every bit... Thats not very important. Thats a flaw that can be fixed with ease.
Unoriginal Story/ Fight style is a flaw you cannot fix... Thanks for reviewing.

Now that's what I'm talking about.

See, that's how I like my fight scenes. Fast, basic, then Knuckles slams someone into the floor. Then the floor explodes. Yaaaay! The quality, as always, could use a little work (-a background would be nice-) but the concept is there, and the first few opening blows were great. Keep it up!

As for Xeno, why not just use Silver? I mean, he's already a time traveling white hedgehog from the future, so I would think he would be perfect for the job. And I mean c'mon, what kind of time traveler shows up and says "Hey, don't quit now, the universe will explode." That's just a little ridiculous. Also ridiculous is that a silver time traveling hedgehog shows up and Sonic doesn't even blink! He's just like "Oh hi there, time traveler. Hows the future? Oh, it exploded. That sucks." I would be surprised, is all. A little.

But then snap, Xeno went, like, AX CRAZY. That eye was just frightening. Was it because he absorbed the Dark Elemental Orb? I hope he doesn't just do that all the time, 'cause I wouldn't want him on my team. He might swallow my soul or something.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for appreciating the fight scenes.
Ok, now the 'Xeno Explaining stuff up' part.
Xeno was warning Sonic not to leave his team because THAT was the reason of the future destruction of the whole universe.
Then, I could use Silver, but hey, Silver was already transported in the present.
I cant just suddenly make him go in the future and back all the time. Plus he was busy finding the orbs, while teamed up with Knuckles. In Ep5 they split up to find them, remember?
Then, maybe i did rush up with the whole thing here, but thts how it was done... Nothing is perfect though.

Then, again, SILVER took the power of the Dark Orb, not Xeno. Also he doesnt go evil but I have to make sure the Dark forms have some pure evil essence in them. Even Sonic went Dark, and DARK EVIL (Apocalypse) yet hes still pure noble. Hes again still a good character. I wouldnt still wanna make such twists... these are my yet beggining projects though. You should still cut some slack. Ppl tht have worked only 3 months still dont know how to use motion tween or movie clips... or how to use V-Cam...


the awsomeness is back

<deleted> responds:

It sure is my friend... it sure is...

so is dr.robotnik as strong as super sonic

he said hes stronger than sonic and shadow so does that mean hes as strong as super sonic BTW Great Flash!

<deleted> responds:

Nah, even stronger. Thanks.

Best thing ever!

Nice work!

<deleted> responds:



is most certainly what I do not want to do. I love the concept. Excellent. The sprites could be a bit cleaner and the text boxes were sometimes difficult to read but you put more effort than most of the crap I see on here. Also, awesome use of the Halo theme.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks. I really appreciate your opinion.


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