Fly And Blast

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Reaching Level 2

FELIPE 5 Points

Killing 80 Enemies

JACINTO 5 Points

Killing 60 Enemies

LAPU LAPU 5 Points

Reaching Level 1

GOMBURZA 10 Points

Killing 120 Enemies

JACINTO2 10 Points

Killing 100 Enemies

MABINI 10 Points

Reaching Level 4

RIZAL 10 Points

Reaching Level 3


Reaching Level 6

LUNA 25 Points

Reaching Level 5

PIRA 25 Points

Killing 150 Enemies

PONCE 25 Points

Killing 140 Enemie

DEL PILAR 50 Points

Finishing The Game


Reaching Level 7

EDSA 100 Points

Killing 160 Enemies

Author Comments

Take down alien ships as they try to invade earth.


16 enemies
7 Bosses
7 levels
3 vehicles (Each vehicle has its own special attack)
5 weapons
4 special payload
2 items


Eh its ok

First off i can't beat it stuck on level 6 and tried with all 3 planes. At times it just seems like there is nowhere to go to avoid getting hit. It was fun but honestly I think this game is a cruel joke because Bullet Heaven is so much better and seems so easy and this is just hard.

Game is challenging - but for the wrong reasons...

Tough gameplay is a good thing, but should not be achieved by poor design.

The backgrounds of the levels were brightly colored and in perfect focus, making it hard to visually differentiate between enemies, bullets, and my craft. Try desaturating the scrolling world and blurring it a little.

Also, most of the "super-weapons" (while powerful) clutter up the screen, making it almost impossible to see incoming enemy fire. Almost every time I used a super-weapon, I died because I couldn't see shit!

Sorry, too bad

Well, theres a some points that really should be improved on this game. And they're really important.

First of all, it gets laggy when there`s a lot of bullets on screen.

With all of my firepower (5 weapons and 2 subweapons) and can barely clear the screen and avoid get hit.

This game is stupdly hard, theres always one enemy which can hit you; better choose, reducing the hit are of the character or make that balls smaller.

In stage 4 i got all of the things in the shop, how bout an upgrade system?

Design fail, u wanted to make a single map, but it seems silly done.

Good attempt, but.

The hitbox is absolutely ridiculous.
Without the magnet upgrade, you can FORGET about picking up gold, it's practically impossible.
And even when you DO get it, it's still weird as heck.

The craft moves too slow compared to the mouse, it's sluggish and unintuitive.

Needs improvement in order to not be annoyingly silly to play.

too hard

this game is too hard.

the difficulty is ridiculous, some times the power ups dont work and the mobs come at you too fast.

you need to fix this broken game. it was a good concept but poor execution. remake this again or make the difficulty slightly easier then i could enjoy this game.

until then ill give you 4* just for the effort.

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Credits & Info

3.61 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2011
12:43 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight