Hunters - Stage 3

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Hunters: Relic of Stars - Stage 3. After acquiring a strange orb, but failing to capture Avior, Carina returns home.

Play stage 1 here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/566055
Play stage 2 here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/566291
Play stage 4 here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/566734
Play stage 5 here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/566895
Play stage 6 here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/567109

Arrow Keys - Move / Aim
Z - Shoot
X - Jump
C - Change Weapons
Spacebar - Pause / Open Map

You can also use WASD to move and JKL to shoot/jump/change weapons, however on some browsers/keyboards you may run into issues with too many keys being pressed at once, nothing I can do about that.

If you have a PC Gamepad, I highly recommend using the Joy2Key Software. You can download it: here: http://bit.ly/NCx4h

Saving - Progress through the stage is saved automatically at every major checkpoint. If you have to leave and come back, your progress will still be there!

Bugs - If you do find a bug, please report it to me via PM. Be as descriptive as you can, I can't fix things if I don't know what went wrong!

Sticky Keys Bug - If the keys feel like they're sticking, character keeps running after you let go, please read the third post in this thread: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1123318
This is a bug with some browsers/systems and there's really nothing I can do to fix it.


Good Game

I really love the nostalgic feel to this game! How it reminds me of the old classic shooters on the Sega Genesis & the Super NES.
The game's graphics aren't bad, I loved the anime-cheery color scheme. The controls are responsive & fairly simple, and the music is pretty retro as well. The only remark I have is of the game's uneven difficulty. I honestly wasn't able to make it past the first boss.
Not a bad effort, it really has potential & can be greatly improved in many ways
Keep doin" what you do, you're on the right track just push little harder next time :D (y)

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Okay, here goes...

The game is a great concept, really, but there are a few problems I'd like to address. The game is great. It took time to get used to the controls, but not too bad. The main problem the fact that enemies can kamikazi you to death, health from baddies ends are too high when you kill them from the roof and those that do fly, and the fact that, well, the boss fights are not that much challenging. After the first game, all the bosses are all too predictable, and once you fight one, your like "Gee, I wonder how he will move this time..."

The graphics, on the other hand, are not bad. Brings in the whole "retro" thing, and is quite enjoyable. The flames in the building, however, were just too silly.

Looking forward to the next game.

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I thought the dragon looked familiar, now I know from where.
Seriously, man? Your art style has not changed AT ALL in 6 years...?
The character art, vehicle art... everything is just copy-pasted from your old 2005 submission.
Now I'm even further disappointed at how rushed this whole "game" series is, graphically speaking. You're basically recycling sub-par sprites that were made 6 years ago with absolutely zero modifications or updates.
As has been mentionned previously, the story is incredibly cliché to the point where it almost makes me cringe.
The voice actors are trying way too hard to get into character, they end up sounding like amateurs and the script they're forced to read, filled with every overused line pulled from every animé ever made, further contributes to the impression that they're dubbing for a sub-par studio on minimum wage salaries.
I mean come on.
This might've passed off as "good" in 2005, but considering how much flash has evolved and the amount of tools now at your disposal, you could have done much, much better than this.
Another reviewer mentionned you should stop this project as he believes it's going nowhere. I won't go so far as to tell you to stop the project, but its graphics and story definitely need an overhaul. Like, Badly.
With all the cartoons and animé and games that have come out since 2005, boasting increasingly complex and riveting plots complete with gorgeous graphics, this series just doesn't cut it.
There are a lot of reviews here that give negative, but constructive, reviews.
They're not trolls, they're just honest.
I'll give you four stars for effort, but you need to stop ignoring said reviews and reconsider your strategy.

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if you set the game in easy mod and its hard than mabye hard mode is easy mod they just mayed a mistac mabye


The graphics are great in my opinion..
Reminds me of the times when graphics didn't matter
As for the game-play, It's great,Thank you for this :)

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4.14 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2011
5:24 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun