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Final Mansion

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Hey Newgrounds!

It's been too long since I have uploaded a flash short! I have always wanted to finish this three part series and it's finally done! I have left it alone too long and now I picked it up and just finished it in a couple of months.

If I can gather enough inspiration and motivation, hopefully I can keep this up! Critiques and comments are welcomed. I have been working on this short too long to know how it looks from an outside perspective anymore.

If you love the music, Don't forget to check out dragon-teenagers page.
Awesome and a great guy to work with!!!



Edit: Thanks newground for daily 2nd and front page. It brought tears to my eyes thinking I would never make it there! Thanks to the newground staff, the great Tom fulps and most importantly, the newground members!

I will finally answer the bag questin with this image just for newgrounds!


(make sure there is no spacing to view this image)


wtf is in the bag?!

That just fixed the 10 stars on top of the awesome.

0h mai GOD

i have absolutly no words 2 describe the epicness of this flash 999*/10.This is better than Dad, Leo and Satan and Eddsworld all put together. Just y'kno MAI Opinion!

i don't remember where i saw this before but i think it made before 2011 .. cuz i was young when i saw this ! very very love this animation ! and i love how you made the weapons !

IaMI2002 responds:

Thanks! I plan to make a new one soon to update my skills :). Continuation of the journey.

well done


.v. its sweeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!

when he took the bag he should of said HIDDEN LOTUS! i know that wud be a rip from naruto but it would be awesom! u need 2 make moar! 3 woerds best flash ever! its da best 1 in the series!!!!!

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4.33 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2011
1:55 AM EDT