Distant Rivals - Demo 0.1

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Hey guys, I'm DZA-UK.

I'm currently working on a big project which is going to be my FIRST FULL GAME on Flash.

What I have uploaded here is my progress as of now.

Please don't hesitate to go all out on criticising my demo as I belive it will help me build onto this game, helping to make a bigger, better game when released.

Modes available:

Quick Start (2players)


Player 1

W - Jump
A - Move Left
D - Move Right

I - Block (Not yet implemented)
O - Strike
P - Power Strike
P+W - Power Strike 2
P+S - Power Strike 3

Player 2

Up Arrow - Jump
Left Arrow - Move Left
Right Arrow - Move Right

0(Insert) - Strike
.(Delete) - Power Strike
.(Delete)+Up Arrow - Power Strike 2
.(Delete)+Down Arrow - Power Strike 3
Enter (Numpad) - Block (Not yet implemented)


All by me, DZA-UK.

All Music pieces from this game are from 'Capcom Vs. SNK 2' and will not be included in the final game, this is just used as a place-holder for when I make my own original music for this.

Thank you very much...


Sick Demo better than MK9

Best fighting game of all time, can't wait to get hands on this game. i wonder whats the dlc character gonna be is it soya bean...

Good Work

awesome game, its a shame that its not full with more characters, i was actually enjoying it a lot, keep up the good work :D

Nice Work

Good start Dil, I think you should make the back arrows in the menus visible at all times though as some people might not find them.

Just keep up the hard work man.

No demos

Demos are cheap and annoying ways to test games. The best way to test games is not to rely on the internet, but to hire testers or, if you can't afford to hire, have friends test it for you. Submitting a demo is going to get you blammed. Submit a game that is more developed and you'll probably get better ratings.

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DZA-UK responds:

Ahh yeah I understand but this had to be uploaded because its part of my coursework project at college.

I understand where your coming from though, this needs more in development...

I have one glaring issue.

So far, the most glaring issue to me is no back button in the menus. Since this is just a Demo it isn't a horrible problem, but in the full game that would be an awful thing to leave out, I got stuck in the "Start" menu rather than quickstart at first.

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2.29 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2011
5:48 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS