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Madness: Activation

rated 4.44 / 5 stars
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Apr 2, 2011 | 10:30 AM EDT

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Author Comments

IMPORTANT: watch the whole thing, even after the credits

i spent ages on this. it's my first madness animation (dont count casey the punsiher, i made that during this)

if people like it i may stop playing tf2 long enough to make a sequel.

Final note: if you like the music, check out DJ-Fantasy, he has heaps of cool music

EDIT: if you watched this when it was first uploaded, i fixed the screen issue :(

EDIT 2: WOW! 3rd place, must be better than i thought! :D

- i got front paged? thats awesome! :D thanks to all people who made that happen, newgrounders and newground mod team and the like

- thanks heaps for the feedback, i've been using it all as i make the next one



Rated 3 / 5 stars

It was good...

...but nowhere near as good as Krinkles. There was only two decent fight scenes that lasted no more than 20 seconds. It would've been a helluva lot better if it was longer but good effort anyway.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

2 errores 1 el protagonista es diferente a los demas y los agentes ATP tienen sangre verde y amarilla envez de totalmente amarilla


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


the action was way too slow and the text was way too fast... what do i look like a speed reader who likes slow paced fighting : / also the two different animation styles didnt work well ... it was like a crappy doodle scientist o.O

tomtyke responds:

i've all ready fixed the issues in my future projects

and i intend to continue with the two different styles, like it or not


Rated 1 / 5 stars


Graphics/Animation -- 5/10, fairly slow paced for a Madness knock off. I didn't like the slow paced random cut-in stuff either. I mean it felt like Castlevania 2 for me, just take out the cut-in's and make the action go faster and harder with deeper music. Just when you think stuff will pick up it was over or another cut-in occured which had very little point especially when the story itself is fairly small.

Music/SFX -- 5/10, decent SFX but not enough real action so no point in adding SFX for things that don't exist right? Music however was too soft and in some spots non-existant. Be more consistant with your design next time.

Story/Direction -- 2/10, you had direction but failed to deliver. Adding a story to a "Madness" knock off isn't hard to do but so far I've seen almost no one IF no one rather deliver on an actual story. Most cut the movie down to five minutes and fail to live up to the Madness that was the first few installments. Next time - pick a direction and make an actual movie out of it.

Overall/Final Decision -- 1/5 and 2/10. What brought this down so low for me is the lack of length, lack of "Madness" feel, and lack of consistantcy.

Let me go into a bit of detail with that. What I mean is the length was short, and normally its fine if you clog the damn thing with nothing but one man vs 1000 people but you barely saw him fight twenty people which had no Madness feel what so ever to me. The music was totally abscent from some scenes and I know it was intentional but that ruined the movie completely for me AS WELL AS the poor choice in light techno - you need heavy and consistant flowing music. I felt like I was watching a guy who watched the "Based off Madness" videos then based your video OFF the re-hashers (so to speak) which basically turns it into a third generation (or fourth really) bastard child of the original piece.

Do some more research - take your time next time - be more consistant - have more action without over powering your guy and making him some "phase walker" crap - try and find more suiting music that doesn't over power the video - and if you're making a story based movie then for god sakes increase the length of said movie and focus more on the development and deployment of the actual story itself.

Better luck next time.

- LE

tomtyke responds:

ok, now it's my turn to pick the hell out of you, first,
1. your music comment. that is utter bs, as there is music in the whole thing, in fact, i spent hours making sure that actually worked, and i put a warning in BIG RED LETTERS (so idiots like you would see it) at the beginning of the animation saying for you to turn the graphics down otherwise the music will de-sync, and that's exactly what happened, so that's number 1

2. its going to have a sequel, dear god, your story comment, imagine if the actual madness combat series tried to squeeze the whole thing into one video, it would be painful. i have yet to conclude or even flesh out the story, that's like reviewing a book based on the first two pages

3. i went completely away from the madness cannon, so it became more than a madness knockoff, it was set in a city for gods sake, and the main characters were nothing like other madness, so how you concluded knockoff only god knows

4. he's not overpowered, they were just mookes, as in, cannon fodder, i needed to give him some abilities, so i gave him flash stepping, dont like it? well balls to you

now, to end, i will review you
you seem to give solidly terrible reviews to anything new, or that branches away from the subject matter that spawned it, and you seem to only give high reviews to animations containing gratuitous amount of blood and violence, leaving me to conclude that you seek excitement from overcompensation. so go back to your halo and call of duty, i make these because i have an idea, i want to build something, and i don't appreciate people trying to tare it down because they haven't had their daily testosterone hit

suck it,