Madness: Activation

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IMPORTANT: watch the whole thing, even after the credits

i spent ages on this. it's my first madness animation (dont count casey the punsiher, i made that during this)

if people like it i may stop playing tf2 long enough to make a sequel.

Final note: if you like the music, check out DJ-Fantasy, he has heaps of cool music

EDIT: if you watched this when it was first uploaded, i fixed the screen issue :(

EDIT 2: WOW! 3rd place, must be better than i thought! :D

- i got front paged? thats awesome! :D thanks to all people who made that happen, newgrounders and newground mod team and the like

- thanks heaps for the feedback, i've been using it all as i make the next one


5 star animation

Could you make the epilogue button a little more noticable. This is my third time watching and i only now relized you could click it to see the end. Other than that it's a good animation. great quality and nice story. A bit laggy somtimes but that's probally just my slow computer. Anyway, I don't see why you where afraid of getting bad reviews. This deserves a five, mayby four, no less.

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tomtyke responds:

i was worried because i found out that alot of newgrounders have an alarming tendancy to vote the moment the movie loads, as opposed to after they've finished watching it.
that and i was seriously paranoid, with this being my first animation that i put up on NG with the hope if it being good


bad ass just bad ass

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That was so fucking awesome! I love how you putted some fbf into it and made him get visions.

This was really great work but you dont rly have to make walking sounds for every feet, just when they are walking on something that makes much noise. And his feet got a little too big later.

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awesome love it perfect wow lol i cant get how exactly are you going to enter something better on madness day o_O

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tomtyke responds:

by improving the sprites and making better fight scenes :)


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tomtyke responds:

i dont speak.... german is it? sorry :(

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4.44 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2011
10:30 AM EDT