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Madness: Activation

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IMPORTANT: watch the whole thing, even after the credits

i spent ages on this. it's my first madness animation (dont count casey the punsiher, i made that during this)

if people like it i may stop playing tf2 long enough to make a sequel.

Final note: if you like the music, check out DJ-Fantasy, he has heaps of cool music

EDIT: if you watched this when it was first uploaded, i fixed the screen issue :(

EDIT 2: WOW! 3rd place, must be better than i thought! :D

- i got front paged? thats awesome! :D thanks to all people who made that happen, newgrounders and newground mod team and the like

- thanks heaps for the feedback, i've been using it all as i make the next one



for being a tribute madness this was great! i liked the story a lot and the action was very smooth and well animated. 5/5 - 9/10

tomtyke responds:

thanks :D

to be continued

You better fucking continue it ! great job!as your first madness it was EPIC, equally good as veterans who've been working with madness for 2 years or so.

tomtyke responds:

thanks! :D i wonder what mine will look like in two years :)

How should I describe this?

Fan made tributes don't pop at you like this one. This was... smooth and milky. That's all I can say.

Funny Parts:
Smoker Dies First
Fix this wall
The ATP agents fire at the Quartermaster stall, turn around and realise that he is there instead of in the quartermaster.
Krinkels' Action you put.

One problem: I smell sequil written somewhere.

tomtyke responds:

you do smell a sequel, for a good reason, and in this case, the sequel ought to be better, as i dont have to re-set the scene

and you picked up all my lil funny parts apart from two things, during the note section, the code is "tosser" in leet speak (70553r) and there is a message, "who thinks of this stuff anyway?" that flashes during the halucination

A Kick Ass Action Video

Wow this video was truly awesome man, I really enjoyed this video. I loved all the parts of this video. The action parts where animated great. I like how you added a lot of different ways to defeat the bad guy's. The whole video was done very well. Looking forward to the sequel of this video. And the music was done well. I didn't have any complaints about this flash video at all. Excellent job making it. 10/10.

tomtyke responds:

thanks! :D its good that people like my animation


now this is madness! and with a story too.. nice fight scenes except for the big guy but thats fine.. time constraint is a pain.. another thing i hated is that, it ended, even with the credits its still not enough XD

hope to see the sequel in some time.. ill be waiting..

thank you btw for not making this a lame throw anything all of them dies with idiot movements madness flash..

im somewhat glad that i clicked this..

why is this not on the frontpage.. i see shits go in the frontpage.. -.-

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tomtyke responds:

thanks, glad to hear you like it :)

personally, i would like it to be on front page, now that so many people like it :) it might still go up, in 4 hours when the next grounds gold day begins

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4.44 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2011
10:30 AM EDT